Avenger Jeremy Renner Uses Ironwear Univest For Superhero Training

All the products that you see on Ironwear’s® web-site were invented, designed, patented, and produced by Ironwear®. Ironwear® does not sell or copy any other company’s products or designs, Ironwear® does however take action against those who infringe upon Ironwear® creations.

In 1996, Ironwear® developed the concept of flexible weights and patented the first flexible polymer weight material named “Flex-metal®”. Since that time Ironwear® has created many new unique fitness products including a line of wearable weights, hand exercisers, jump ropes, and balance training tools.

Ironwear® spends years creating each new invention and strives to make each design a work of art.

Ironwear’s® mission is to produce only the "Worlds Best Fitness Products”