Avenger Jeremy Renner Uses Ironwear Univest For Superhero Training

Invented and Made in the USA.

For the last two decades Ironwear® has been a leading edge inventor and manufacturer of health and performance enhancing products.

Ironwear® has received many awards and patents over the years including patents for:

-First Flexible Polymer Composite Weights

-First Polymer Weighted Clothing including Weighted Vests and Weighted Pants

-First Polymer Weighted Ankle, Wrist and Hand Weights

-First Anti-Fatigue JumpRope System

-First Tight-Rope based Balance Training System

For Children's Health:

-First hand weights developed to help children learn to write

-First children's weights developed for treatment of sensory disorders

-First complete weight system for children from age two and up for physical therapy

For Adult's Health:

-First weighted garments for the treatment of multiple sclerosis

-First weighted garments for the treatment of osteoporosis

-First weighted garments to recover from hip replacement surgery

-First weighted posture correction garments

-First weighted garments for the elderly to increase ones independent lifespan

-First weighted undergarment weights for strengthening and weight loss

-First wearable system for increasing whole body cardiovascular circulation

For Athletes:

-First weighted system for increasing runner's speed

-First weighted system for increasing walker's and hiker's leg strength

-First weighted system for increasing hand speed for basketball players

-First weighted system for increasing martial artist's kick strength

-First wearable weight system for increasing leg strength for dancers

-First wearable system for improving flips for gymnasts

-First wearable strengthening system for rock climbers

-First wearable strengthening system for competitive swimmers

-First wearable strengthening system for water polo players

-First speed increasing system for speed skaters

-First wearable jump height increasing system for volleyball players

-First wearable neck strengthening system for wrestlers

-First wearable posture improvement system for equestrian riders

-First military weight system for training soldiers for wearing armored gear

-First police and military weights system for increasing soldier crawling strength

-First wearable system for increasing a boxers punch strength

-First wearable firefighters certification system for carrying

-First pad replacement system for football players

-First wearable insurance training system for soccer players

-First foot speed increasing system for sprinters

-First spin increasing system for figure skaters

-First flip speed increasing system for high divers

Ironwear® designs and manufactures all its own products. Ironwear does not distribute products made by other companies, and it only sells its own designs.

It is said that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, and Ironwear® products are among the most copied around the world. But none measure up to the real design, quality, function, and warranties of true Ironwear® products.

Ironwear® supports the local economy by using US Steel, US Rubber, and US Fabrics. Ironwear® employees do all the production would so we can create and maintain the highest possible quantity. At Ironwear® we work to constantly improve every product we make. For all these reasons, Ironwear® is the only company of its kind to offer a lifetime warranty on everything we make.

Once you buy an Ironwear® product we support you. When you call our factory you get to talk directly to a person in Pittsburgh who knows our products and can help get your questions answered quickly. We also offer quick response on line customer service by e-mail. In addition, Ironwear® has a network of athletic trainers, therapists and doctors around the world who can help you buy and properly use Ironwear® equipment.

Ironwear® products are available online and through Ironwear® Trainers and Retailers around the world.

Ironwear’s® mission is to produce only the "Worlds Best Fitness Products”