BLACK FRIDAY SALE ends November 29th.

Ironwear makes every item to order right here in Pittsburgh, and because of COVID-19 we separated all our workers for their safety and yours.

Every week we have become even more strict in our policies and we are sorry for any delay this may cause in getting your order made and shipped.

Ironwear's COVID-19 policies are very strict for example Ironwear's policy of isolation includes not allowing more than one person to be in or work in a room. Equipment may also only be used by one person and must be cleaned before each shift.

IRONWEAR, the world's largest manufacturer of wearable weights. Celebrating over 25 Years of INNOVATION.

★★★★★ Ironwear Fitness not only made the best wearable weights but they also have spectacular customer service. I have been using Ironwear Fitness products for nearly a decade and is the only weight training system I use. My first purchase, the Hulk Max 24 Club Series, started showing signs of wear after almost ten years of regular hard use and I was considering having them replaced.

Amazingly, when I reached out to Arnold about this issue he not only immediately honored the lifetime warranty but he also had a set custom made out of the Club material- a slight upgrade over the Champion Series- as they were currently out of stock. They shipped my new weights free of charge and they arrived promptly at my home.

I am so impressed by this company that this is the second time I am taking the time to write a testimonial, something I have not done for any other product. Ironwear Fitness is truly extraordinary, they make best in class products and stand behind them with the best customer care. Simply put, if you like fitness and have not tried Ironwear Fitness then you should.

Thanks to the people at Ironwear Fitness for making such great life changing products, making them in the U.S.A., and standing by them with such wonderful customer support and staff.

A lifelong customer, Zachary