IRONWEAR® hand weights are very unique. They are the softest, safest and most comfortable hand weights available. The first models were originally designed for physical therapy over 20 years ago. Each custom design is made of IRONWEAR®'s patented soft Flex-Metal® weights which are molded to fit the contours of the hand and then incased in a hand sewn fabric shell. The shell secures the weight to the hand.

★★★★★ I own 4 pairs of Ironwear® Hand Irons®, each a little different from the others. The products have been great. After many years of service I recently had problems with one hand weight and I contacted Ironwear®. Without any fuss they replaced the set. Wonderful product and great people to work with.

Understanding Club and Champion Material:

Champion Material(shown on top) acts like a sponge and pulls moisture away from your skin. Champion material has a high durability porous knitted nylon fabric outside and an open cell rubber padding inside. Moisture is pulled through the porous nylon and absorbed by the rubber padding. Because the champion material also breaths, the moisture readily evaporates.

Club Material has the same inner high durability nylon fabric and rubber padding but in addition the club material has a patented outer layer which feels like glove leather but blocks moisture absorption. Moisture stays on the surface and rapidly evaporates.

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