Field Training Vest™ Long (FTV18/36) (Straps in back)

Field Training Vest™ Long (FTV18/36) (Straps in back)
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Product Description

Field Training Vest™ (FTV18/36) is IRONWEAR’s ™ latest weighted vest to be publicly released and is designed for obstacle courses and field training. Field Training Vest™ was designed for police, fire department and military testing and training of personnel and has undergone over three years of intense field use. Designed originally by IRONWEAR’s ™ for the NYPD to test applicants and train cadets. ( IRONWEAR’s ™ has been suppling weighted vests to the NYPD for over 10 years, the NYPD uses over 50 IRONWEAR ™ a day to train and evaluate performance.

Field Training Vest™ is designed with a smooth front for crawling along the ground, climbing on walls and over obstacles. The padded ballistic nylon surface on the front of the vest is durable and slides easily over obstacles. All the edges are bound with soft fabric for comfort and double stitched for added strength.

Field Training Vest™ is fully adjustable with seperate chest and waist adjustments so that one size will fit a very wide range of sizes and body shapes very well. All the adjustment are in the back of the vest and second person is recommended to help secure the vest on the trainee. Once secured the Field Training Vest™ will stay in position ready to move and twist with the course demands.

Field Training Vest™ incorporates all the latest patented IRONWEAR ™ performance features: Ultra thin Contour-fit™ design, soft Flex-metal™ weights, Stretch-fit™inner pockets and the Double-lock™ securing system which keeps the sides of the vests from moving during rigorous training.

Field Training Vest™ Contour-fit™ is ultra thin and snug so that the vest will not interfere with any movement of the body. The design incorporates stretch padding everywhere for maximum flexibility, support and comfort. Contour-fit™system softly conforms to the contours of the user’s torso to uniformly support the weight.

Field Training Vest™ Flex-metal™ weights are the safest, most comfortable and best fitting weights possible. The weights are thin and flexible and contour to the shape of the wearer. The weights act as padding in case of a fall. The weights are interchangeable and can be use in a variety of other IRONWEAR™ products.

Field Training Vest™ Stretch-fit™inner pockets hold the weights securely on all sided and keep them from shifting. The inner pocket design makes in impossible for the weights to come loose while you exercise. Stretch-fit™pockets are thin and flexible. The special weight pocket system distributes the weight uniformly over the torso and allows the soft weights to bend and flex with your movements. Because no hardware or Velcro is used to hold the weights in place, the vest is safer, longer lasting, thinner and more flexible. The inner pockets allow the vest to be smooth and uniform in thickness. Each inner pocket is designed to hold one or two 1/2 pound Flex-metal™ weights.

Field Training Vest™ Double-lock™ securing system allows the vest to adjust to fit a wide range of torso sizes. The unique adjustment system allows the vest to expand with the movement of the chest. The system adjust form under 26 to chest and waist sizes over 54 inches,

Field Training Vest™ large open neck and extra thick padded shoulders help to support the weight and reduce the strain on the neck. All the inner and outer surfaces of the vest are padded for maximum comfort and safety.

Field Training Vest™ is easy to care for. The outer shell can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. The shell is also machine washable. Simply remove the weights and then securing all the hook and loop fasteners. Then wash alone with the capacity set to large with your normal detergent. After washing let the shell air dry, do not run through the drier. The shell will dry quickly and then the weights can be reinserted.

Field Training Vest™ has 36 weight pockets which into which one or two ½ pound soft Flex-metal™ weights can be inserted. The shell itself weights just under two pounds.

Field Training Vest™ is a professional tool and should be used under professional supervision.

Field Training Vest™ (FTV18/36) is supplied at 20 pounds with a single layer of Flex-metal™ weights, but can be adjusted from about 2 pound up to about 38 pounds by adding additional ½ pound Flex-metal™ weights.