Jr. Iron Beltô Childís 1 to 4 lb. Weighted Belt or Two Ĺ to 2 lb. Ankle Weights

 Jr. Iron Beltô  Childís 1 to 4 lb. Weighted Belt or Two Ĺ to 2 lb. Ankle Weights
Item# IB040A

Jr. Iron Beltô IB040A

Childís 1 to 4 lb. Weighted Belt or Two Ĺ to 2 lb. Ankle Weights

Supplied with 4 pounds (8 Ė Ĺ lb. weights)

Jr. Cool Vestô is IRONWEARís ô new patented weight system designed exclusively for children. The Jr. Iron Beltô was created to make wearing weights more comfortable and effective.

Jr. Iron Beltô is IRONWEAR ôís unique patented design gives you two great Flex-metalô products in one system. You get a belt that separates easily into two ankle weights. No other system offers you the flexibility of the Jr. Iron Beltô.

Jr. Iron Beltísô unique weighted belt design allows your child to carry additional weight without inhibiting the childís movements. The Jr. Iron Beltô puts the weight in a comfortable location on the childís hips and does not apply any restrictions to the childís upper body. The front and back are open to keep pressure off the childís abdomen and spine.

Jr. Iron Beltísô unique weighted belt design can also be put on or taken off easily. The design quickly adjusts to fit children between the ages of 2 and 10 years of age with waist sizes from 17 to 35 inches.

Jr. Iron Beltísô design has two sections, each section has four patented stretch pockets and each pocket can accept one Ĺ lb. or two ľ lb. Flex-Metalô weights. Each section can be adjusted from Ĺ to 2 pounds by adding or removing weights. With the two sections connected together as a belt and all the weights inserted the belt weighs 4 lbs. Separated into two ankle weights, each ankle weight can be adjusted from Ĺ to 2 lbs.

Jr. Iron Beltísô unique ankle weight design fit snugly around any childís ankle. The Jr. Iron Beltô when set up as ankle weights adds resistance the childís leg movements.

Jr. Iron Beltísô thin Flex-metalô weights are the safest weights that exist for children. The soft Flex-metalô weights flex with your childís movements and contour to the shape of your childís body. The soft weights stays in place without creating localized pressure points.

Jr. Iron Beltísô Flex-metalô weights do not move around. They will not fall apart, shake, sag, or spill out like sand and shot filled weights. The soft Flex-metalô weights will not chafe or bruise like weights made with metal bars.

Jr. Iron Beltísô Flex-metalô weights are non-toxic. The patented weights are made with atomized iron, baby oil and a rubber which is often used to make nipples for baby bottles. In case of a fall the interchangeable soft weights act as padding to protect your child and those around them.

Jr. Iron Beltísô outer surface is soft, durable and washable. The strong knitted nylon fabric is laminated to a neoprene rubber, is the same durable fabric used on scuba driverís suits. The Jr. Iron Beltô will expand to fit you child as your child grows and the durable materials should allow the Jr. Iron Beltô to be used for years.

Jr. Iron Beltísô Stretch-fitôinner pockets hold the weights securely on all sides and keep them from shifting. The inner pocket design makes it impossible for the weights to come loose while your child plays. Because no hardware or Velcro is used to hold the weights in place, the weights are safer, longer lasting, thinner and more flexible.

Jr. Iron Beltô will also accept the new ľ pound Flex-metalô weights that are even softer and more flexible. The thinner ľ pound weights allow the vest to be setup with a very thin layer of weights for the most uniform distribution and adjustability.

Jr. Iron Beltô IB040A is supplied with eight Ĺ lb. Flex-Metalô weights.

IB040A (BLACK with 8 Ė Ĺ weights)