VR3 Vest Rack™ Expandable Storage System for weighted vests & weights (Supplied with 3 support tubes)

VR3 Vest Rack™  Expandable Storage System for weighted vests & weights (Supplied with 3 support tubes)
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VR3 Vest Rack™ Expandable Storage System for weighted vests and weights (Supplied with three support tubes)

VR3 Vest Rack™ is IRONWEAR’s™ new patented system that makes storing your weighted vest(s) and other weights quick, easy and safe.

VR3 Vest Rack™ was invented to make weighted gear easy to use, east to access, easy to store, easy to keep fresh, easy to keep attractive, easy to locate, and easy to display.

VR3 Vest Rack™ is easy to use. Just attach the vest straps and slide the vest down over the support tube. The contoured support tube holds the vest securely on all sides. The low profile slide over design minimizes the lifting time and height required.

VR3 Vest Rack™ makes accessing your weighted gear easier. Set up your VR3 Vest Rack™ in the right place for you. For example, put the VR3 Vest Rack™ next to the front door so you remember to use your weighted gear, put it in your closet to keep it off the floor so your can find it, put it next to your treadmill so you are ready to go.

VR3 Vest Rack™ makes storing your weights easier. Keep your extra Flex-Metal™ weights, Hand Irons™, Shoe Irons™and Ankle Irons™ on the raised base plate. If you have the Max System™, set up your VR3 Vest Rack™ with three support tubes: one for the Uni-Vest ™, one for the Under Vest™ and you still have room for Uni- Pants™. Or store your Speed Pants™, Speed Vest(long)™, Speed Vest(short)™, and Speed Shoe Irons™ next to your bed and you are ready to train when you get up.

VR3 Vest Rack™ helps to keep your vests fresh and ready to use. The support tube holds the vest open on the inside and keeps the vests separated so that air can flow both on the inside and outside of the vest. Also the VR3 Vest Rack™ is a great place to put your vest to dry after washing.

VR3 Vest Rack™ keeps your gear attractive. You invested in a weighted gear, don’t let it sit somewhere in a pile on the floor gathering dust when you are not using it. Display your weighted gear on a VR3 Vest Rack™.

VR3 Vest Rack™ looks great and attracts interest. Friends, family and students will see your weighted gear displayed and they are going to want to use your gear. VR3 Vest Rack’s™ aesthetic design blends into your home, office, or gym.

VR3 Vest Rack™ is a must for trainers. The VR3 Vest Rack™ makes it easy for your trainees to quickly identify and select the gear they want to use. Your trainees also know where the gear goes, so after they use it they can put it back instead of leaving it in a pile on the floor. At a glance you can see that all your gear is there and your trainees can too.

VR3 Vest Rack™ is designed to hold any combination of short or long Club Vests™, Speed Vests™ and/or Cool Vests™. The support tubes are spaced wide enough to hold single or double loaded weight vests from 1 to 80 pounds each. VR2 Vest Rack™ will also support both the long and short Uni-Vest™, but the wider shoulders of the Uni-Vest ™ will stick out slightly, and the fit is not as snug on the support tube.

VR3 Vest Rack™ is upgradeable, the VR3 Vest Rack™ comes with 3 heavy-duty steel support tubes, but we will be added more support tube designs in the future that you will be able to add to your VR3 Vest Rack™ . The heavy steel base plate has 5 sets of support holes so you can space the support tubes the way you want for one, two or three pieces of weighted gear. The support tubes bolt easily on to the base plate with oversized hex head bolts. (Wrench included.)

VR3 Vest Rack™ is an ideal addition and a great gift for anyone who has a weighted vest.

VR3 Vest Rack™ addresses the difficulties involved in the handling and storing of your weighted vest(s). Using standard clothing hangers to store your weighted vest can be problematic. Holding the weighted vest with one hand while sliding the weighted vest onto the hanger with the other hand can be awkward. Lifting the weighted vest above your center of gravity high enough to hang it onto a coat hook or closet rod can be straining. Cleaning up after coat hooks and closet rods fail because they were never designed to support the weight of a weighted vest(s) can be a headache.