#1 KARATE/MMA TRAINING WEIGHTS* Adjustable Knuckle-Wrists Irons™ (Champion Series) 1lb to 5lb each, 2lb to 10lb pair (supplied at 3lbs each) KWI050A

#1 KARATE/MMA TRAINING WEIGHTS* Adjustable Knuckle-Wrists Irons™ (Champion Series) 1lb to 5lb each, 2lb to 10lb pair (supplied at 3lbs each)  KWI050A
Item# KWIO50A

Adjustable Knuckle-Wrists Irons™ Champion Series 1 to 5 pound hand-wrist weights

Adjustable Knuckle-Wrist Irons™ are IRONWEAR ™’s newest advancement in hand weights. They combine all the best features of Knuckle Irons™ and Wrist Irons™ with the adjustability of IRONWEAR ™‘s weight inserts into the most flexible, comfortable, safest, open hand weights available. No other open palm hand weight can match its features.

Adjustable Knuckle-Wrist Irons™ have a 1 pound single piece of IRONWEAR ™’s patented Flex-metal™, which has been sculpted to wrap around the curves of the top of the hand over the knuckles and 4 wrist pockets which can hold up to 8 - ½ pound Flex-metal™ weight inserts.

Adjustable Knuckle-Wrist Irons™ are supplied with 4 inserts and weigh 3 pounds each; additional inserts can be purchased separately. The soft rubber weights flex and move with you and are the best-balanced open palm-wrist weight in existence.

Adjustable Knuckle-Wrist Irons™ are the safest way to add more resistance to your workout. Adjustable Knuckle-Wrist Irons™ stay in place and cannot Accidentally fall. Also the Flex-metal™ weights are soft and are much less likely to cause damage in case of an impact. You will be able to do things with the open palm Adjustable Knuckle-Wrist Irons™ that you would never do with other hand weights.

Adjustable Knuckle-Wrist Irons™ were developed for experienced athletes who want to be challenged. These are for intense training sport training, boxing training, karate, and kickboxing.

Adjustable Knuckle-Wrist Irons™ besides increasing arm strength and speed, cause the heart to pump harder to more muscle groups with amazing results. Adjustable Knuckle-Wrist Irons™ can help to improve cardiovascular condition, increase strength, and speed weight loss.

Adjustable Knuckle-Wrist Irons™ are secured with an oversized adjustment strap on the hand and oversized pull strap wrist, and the unique patented design provides a tailored fit on any small to large size hand, and leaves the whole hand and fingers free -no holding required to hold the weight.

Adjustable Knuckle-Wrist Irons™ Champion Series weights are covered with an abrasion resistant padded black nylon mesh for maximum durability and sweat wicking.

Adjustable Knuckle-Wrist Irons™ KWI050A adjust from 1 to 5 pounds and are supplied at 3 pounds each the create a 6 pound pair, they can be increased up to a 10 pound pair by purchasing additional weight inserts see Flex-metal™ Additional Weight Kit.