Lifetime Warranty & Care

Lifetime Warranty & Care
Lifetime Warranty

Ironwear® strives to be the worlds best fitness company and tries to provide the best possible products and warranty.

Ironwear® weight system are covered by our limited lifetime warranty. Ironwear® Flexmetal weights are made by Ironwear® in the USA (unlike the cheap weights our competitors use),and are the most expensive part of our weighted products. Please call us if you have any issues with any of our weights. Your weights should last for years. Flexmetal weights consist of atomized high purity iron and thermoplastic elastomers, the thermoplastic elastomers can be degraded by chemicals and ultra violet radiation.

Ironwear® vest and other weight product shells are covered by a lifetime material and workmanship warranty against defects. These shells are sewn out of the highest quality and most durable fabrics, please contact us if you have any problems and we will have you remove the weights and return the shell for repair of replacement. Fabric shells like all clothing will wear out over time, the amount of time depends on the type of use and care the shell receives , with normal use shells will last for years, however crawling on the ground for example will cause the shell to wear out quicker.

For all of our vest shells, other adjustable weight such as wrist, ankle, pants, and shoe weights we offer new replacement shells for approximately half the cost of the product. For example we have many police departments, military, and football teams who have worn out their shells over the past 10 years who have replaced or upgraded their weights by buying new shells and use their old flexmetal weights.

Machine washing the vest shell:

1. Remove all the weights. You can wash them with soap and water in a sink and towel dry if they need to be washed.

2. Make sure the belts are attached to the vest as if it was being worn so that are the hook velcro pieces are well attached. If not the hook velcro pieces will snag the fabric of the vest.

3. Set washer on warm or cold, medium speed, large load and double rinse if you have it. Do not wash the vest shell with anything but another vest shell.

4. "Spray and Wash" any strains, with Tide or something similar.

5. Wash the shell. Repeat the Spray and Wash and wash again to remove deep stains.


7. Replace the weights and your ready to go.

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Shipping Info and Other Inquiries:

By phone: 800-630-2779 or 412-782-2212 between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time

Our offices and warehouses are located in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

Refund, Returns and Cancellation Policies:

Merchandise can be returned for a refund or exchange for any reason within 30 days from ship date. After 30 days, merchandise must be unworn and unwashed to receive a refund or exchange. Refunds will be issued based on the original form of payment. Exchanges can be made for the same item in a different size or color only.We reserve the right to limit returns. We also can not refund shipping expenses.