★★★★★ Hi Arnie, Wanted to let you know I got my vests this week and love them. I've worn it around the house just to get used to it and went for a 4.5 mile walk yesterday with 10lbs in tow. The vest is very comfortable and fits well for my body (and provided good support as a result of being able to adjust to fit my frame). I am very happy with both shells and look forward to using these throughout my training. Also the hand grips (Hand Irons Weights) are great. My grandmother is 90 years old and I had her try the one I bought - she loved it. I'm ordering one to be sent to her now! I also wanted to say thanks for the jump rope. I just tried it this afternoon like the handles and ease of the turning of the rope. Great products all around!!! Many thanks, Lisa M

★★★★★ After 1 year of running with your shoe irons I have very well sculpted anterior tibialis, other runners have noticed too. Isaac C

★★★★★ The custom-built ankle weights are perfect. Thank you. Well done. Ron R

★★★★★ Thank you for the fast turn around and Great customer service. Vince L

★★★★★ I LOVE this vest-have had it 2 years. Karen K

★★★★★ My hand weights arrived today and they are AWESOME! I got ankle weights aabout 6 weeks ago that I also love. You have great products, well done. Jeff B.

★★★★★Dear Arnold, I waited to try out the weighted gloves and the vest a few times before getting back to you, and can now confidently say that I'm really very happy with it all. The weighted vest is very breathable and actually cozy. I'm pretty little, so when I first lifted it out of the box, I was worried that it was huge, but the way that the belt is allows for super snug and adjustable fit. Even with all 30 pounds in there, it folds up and can be tucked away easily after workouts. The glove are outstanding, my absolute favorite. I use them for shadow boxing, and even though it's only 4 pounds, it makes for a great workout. If I had to find a "con" for the gloves, it would only be that they're easier to strap on with help. Getting them on by myself is kinda awkward, but it's all good. I'm going to get back to you soon for ankle weights and just want to sincerely thank you for your help and advise on these purchases! I will recommend you to anyone who asks (and several people have already asked!) and, as I mentioned, will be reaching out soon for ankle weights! Thank you so much, Salma ______________________________________________________________________________________________ ★★★★★ "Previously ordered pants (Uni-Pants and foot weights (Foot Irons). Fantastic quality and fit. Top comfort." Just ordered the Field Training Vest and Adjustable Hand-Wrist Irons. Thank you for your products, Derek _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ★★★★★ Ironwear Fitness not only made the best wearable weights but they also have spectacular customer service. I have been using Ironwear Fitness products for nearly a decade and is the only weight training system I use. My first purchase, the Hulk Max 24 Club Series, started showing signs of wear after almost ten years of regular hard use and I was considering having them replaced.

Amazingly, when I reached out to Arnold about this issue he not only immediately honored the lifetime warranty but he also had a set custom made out of the Club material- a slight upgrade over the Champion Series- as they were currently out of stock. They shipped my new weights free of charge and they arrived promptly at my home.

I am so impressed by this company that this is the second time I am taking the time to write a testimonial, something I have not done for any other product. Ironwear Fitness is truly extraordinary, they make best in class products and stand behind them with the best customer care. Simply put, if you like fitness and have not tried Ironwear Fitness then you should.

Thanks to the people at Ironwear Fitness for making such great life changing products, making them in the U.S.A., and standing by them with such wonderful customer support and staff.

A lifelong customer, Zachary


I contacted the seller regarding additional weights for the vest I purchased. Not only did Arnie provide me with a response, he did something a bit more exceptional by asking a few probing questions regarding the height and weight of my son. After discussing this with him he actually suggested I go with a large unit vs. the one I purchased. All in all he provided superior service that not only met my needs but also exceeded them. He also threw in a few freebies unexpectedly (which I am grateful for). I will definitely do business with Ironwear Fitness again and I recommend to all this great company to do business with. I've used this product for a week now and the fit is comfortable for my son and I already see improvement in his training.

#loyalCustomer ______________________________________________________________________________________________

I received my vest yesterday. I've been law enforcement for the last twenty years and have ordered a vast amount of equipment in that time. So when I tell you that your customer service is one of the best I've encountered it should carry some weight. I sent an email after the close of business and your staff responded quickly. My issue was handled efficiently and surpassed my expectations. Thank you again.

Much continued success,




This is GREAT!

I love my new Women's Cool Vest. You did a terrific job on the design and I am enjoying wearing it!

It's not bulky and doesn't rub the inside of my arms any more! I have plenty of room for my arms and my chest is no longer constricted. It doesn't ride on my hips any more either. And as a bonus I actually feel some air when there is a breeze. it's been suber hot here lately but I still can wear the vest.

I took more pictures so you could see the difference.

Thank you, thank you! All the best to you,



Hi Arne,

My weight vest arrived today and I'm delighted with it. It fits perfectly and it looks to be a high quality product. I will of course, take your advice and get used to it for a few days and then only gradually add weights. Slowly, slowly working up to a comfortable weight by summer's end.

And thank you for the bonus skipping rope and little red balls...my husband got a kick out of them (as only a guy can). My grip is sure to get stronger for gardening. I appreciate your generosity.

Thanks again, Marilyn


Hi Arnold,

We spoke last week concerning a vest a teacher at school lent my autistic grandson. The Jr. Speed Vest seemed to work miracles as it helped him calm down. He loves to wear the vest. It fits close to the body and does not get in the way.

The teacher purchased the vest. It was years ago for her son with sensory problems.

Thank you, Jana


I am a competitive obstacle racer placing 14th at the world championships in the men's 40 to 44 division.

I've been using Ironwear's hip weights and foot weights for my training for the past 6 months.

The design of these products is simplistic and easy to put on, there is no bouncing or moving of the weights while training and they allow you to safely and directly strengthen the musculature involved in running in a functional way. My strength and speed while running has drastically improved since using these systems.

I also purchased a Balance Bow which has greatly improved both my balance required for balance obstacles on racing and my ankle stability which decreases my chance for sprained ankles during competition.

Thanks, Gene



My wife and I walk together and we were using ankle weights with metal shot. The weights have stiff binding around the top and bottom which rub on our ankles as we walk. I have blisters all over my ankles. I use 5 lb. weights (2.5 lb. each leg) and my wife uses 10 lb. weights (5 lb. each side).

We would like to switch to IRONWEAR's soft Flex-metal adjustable Ankle Irons because they have no hard binding on the top or bottom. I would like the IB050A at 2.5 pounds per leg and my wife would like the IB100A at 5 pounds per leg.


Got the ankle weights. It's like wearing a stick of butter around each ankle. I can't wait to try them tomorrow. Wife and I love them.


The best ankle weights we've had. Walked 5 miles today. Thanks!


My name is Nicholas Willey, I am a Professional Mixed Martial Artist and I fight for the east coast (CFFC). I am fighting July 18th in Atlantic City NJ. I got the vest today and just put it to a 3 mile test (see photo).

Overall the vest was awesome. The vibrant green color to me was an added bonus since I run back roads a lot. The fit was snug, which I will say was the first thing I was looking for. I've explored a lot of cheap options and they have never panned out, they don't fit tight and they flop all over the place. This vest was heavy enough to give me adequate resistance and the double Velcro waistband allowed me to set the fit to my liking and it never faltered during the abuse I put it through. As a Professional Mixed Martial Artist, I train hard and it is a must that my equipment hold up because it will surely be tested, I look forward to many more workouts with this vest.

Thank you, Nicholas


Dear Arnold,

Hello this is Will Bascara. I have purchased the UniVest back in February that I had some requests with. I would just like to express my deepest thanks for you working on it personally and that you have done a splendid job. I know you had wanted me to let you know how it is. However I was overseas when I had ordered it and sent to the address where it was shipped (my home address). And it was only this Monday that I had arrived there to finally try it on. So my deepest apologies as well for the very lengthy delay. Again, splendid job. P.S. - I have attached a photo of me with the vest on. You finally get to see who I am!

Sincerely, Wilbert


Lifetime Warranty- "Vest Reconditioning" This 1997 model vest was recently returned because the zipper wore out after 18 years of use. We no longer make this vest because the outer fabric is no longer available. We rebound the vest, put on new velcro and a new zipper at no charge.

Hi Arnold, Wow, less than a week turn around and the work done on the recondition was done better than when I originally purchased the vest. I really appreciate you guys taking care of it for me. I'll send it out in another 15 years to get worked on again. Josh ______________________________________________________________________________________________

Arnie, I can't express how grateful I am. I'm impressed by the care and excellent customer service you've given. I can see now why Ironwear Fitness makes the best training equipment and that is because you look out for your customers best interest. I will tell my fellow athletes about my great experience with Ironwear Fitness.

Thank you again, Jesse


I own a 40 pound (IV200 Long Uni-Vest) and a 20 pound (IV100 Short Uni-Vest). Both vests are really comfortable to work out in because they fit really snugged. These are the best weights vest and worth the money. Also, I recently had to use Ironwear's warranty service and they provided me with excellent customer service.

I tore a hole in one of the velcro straps of the vest. I contacted Arnold via e-mail, and he responded back within the next hour telling me to mail the vest. I mailed the vest the following day and I revived the vest back in two business days. Arnold did such an amazing job on the the old vest that I thought he sent me a brand new vest.

Thanks again, Kevin


I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with the Gloves (Knuckle Irons). I have been using (and abusing) them a lot and there's not a single doubt in my mind that these are the best weighted gloves I've tried. They're comfortable, they give great support to the wrists, they sure can handle a tough workout, and the Flex-Metal technology obviously blows all other variants out of the water. Great stuff! Thanks again, Micke SWEDEN ______________________________________________________________________________________________

Arnold, I really enjoy using Ironwear Uni-Vests with the athletes I train. They allow me to load athlete's bodies in a safe manner with endless possibilities. I like the ability of the strapping system to hold the weighted vest on securely so that it will not move during rapid movement. I can make the vest adapt to the demands of each athlete. For example, I can make the vest weigh 8 pounds for speed work or put on 4 vests (160lbs) for strength work. Ironwear vests are a great tool for training athletes. Thanks, Travis ______________________________________________________________________________________________

Arm Exercise while riding a bike using Ironwear Wrist Irons

I ride a pedalcab around Waikiki. My usual hours are 7:30pm to 11:30pm, 5 days a week and I would conservatively estimate 50,000 people see me riding and wearing my Ironwear Wrist Irons on a daily basis. I have attached some images of my pedal cab, I am sure you'll agree it brings the Aloha. Regards, Matt


Good afternoon, Arnie, Thanks again for your help with my issues throughout the years! You and Ironwear Fitness continue to provide great customer service and I appreciate both, your products and your support. I spoke with an employee today ( I apologize as I didn't get his name) and like you, he was friendly and helpful.

I called to inquire about purchasing another Club Vest (complete with 33 pounds) to use when I visit my brother in Florida. I have two Club Vests now (one at home and another we use around the firehouse) and can not be without one. Specifically, I called to ask if there was a sale price on the Club Vest as just about every other item on your site is on sale.

Thanks for your help! Troy

Troy, The Club Vests are the most expensive and time consuming vests we make and that is why I did not put them on sale, but I have added them to the sale for just a few days. Arnie ______________________________________________________________________________________________

I received the vest, and could not be happier with it. Thank you so much for getting it out as quickly as you did! It is by far the MOST COMFORTABLE weighted vest that I have ever owned. Your product, and the way that you take care of your customers are top notch! I will definitely be purchasing again in the near future. I wish all the best for you, your company and your loved ones.Best Regards, Donny ______________________________________________________________________________________________

I received my Cool Vest and LOVE it. It is so comfortable to run and walk in. Thank you, Sara ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Hey, I got my order in the mail today, that was fast! Thanks a lot! Micke, from Sweden ______________________________________________________________________________________________

Thank you for the the PayPal invoice for the Shoe Irons, I look forward to the their arrival. As these are not the first items I have purchased from yourselves, I'd like to take a moment to just state that these are indeed good quality, highly versatile and resistant to wear and tear. I look forward to future product ideas. Regards, Greg ______________________________________________________________________________________________

The Ironwear Hand Iron are just great! I originally got a pair over 10 years ago to use as part of a physical therapy home exercise program, but have continued to use them even after PT was finished.

The soft fabric and weight on both dorsal and palmar side of the hand gives it a very all around even feeling. Other hand weights I've used only have weight on the dorsal side which makes it seem heavier than 1 pound each.

My 95-year old grandma even uses these weights and loves them! She does basic upper extremity exercises everyday with them.

Ironwear Fitness has excellent customer service- just recently, the glue started seeping from the seams, so I contacted customer service about the issue and they honored their Lifetime Warranty with no questions asked! I received a new pair within a week or so.

I would highly recommend this product and would order from Ironwear Fitness for any other product in the future.

Thanks again, Cherilyn ______________________________________________________________________________________________

My Paralegal and I have tried several different types of hand weights until finally discovering your Ironwear products. Most other weights place too much stress on the wrist that could lead to injuries. Your Ironwear hand weights distribute the weight more evenly over the hand to avoid strain on the wrist. We have been using our Ironwear hand weights (one and two pounders) for many years in our cardio-kickboxing classes and find that they enhance our workout. We are so satisfied with Ironwear products that we have recommended them to many people at the gym. As great as the hand weights are, your customer service department excels in communications and response time for warranty replacements. Our sincere gratitude to you and your company for producing such a wonderful product.

You have our permission to publish this testimonial.

Ricky D. Gordon, Esq.

______________________________________________________________________________________________ Thank you SO much for replacing the hand weight. I 'm really impressed with your customer service approach.

Your kind of service hardly ever happens! Thank you. When my left hand weight wears out, I will purchase a new set.

By the way, I love the hand weights. I use them daily, and they get soaked with sweat every day. They are great product.



In, 2014 I decided to sign-up for all seven of the Susan G. Komen 3-day 60 mile walks. On the walks, I took along my new pair of hand/wrist weights and they were an often talked about item. The weights are not just an exercise program, but increase the blood circulation in the finger tips - an isometric exercise as they are very squeezable. Many were impressed as they were constantly holding their hands over their heads to reduce the blood swelling. Next year I have planned only to participate in 3 walks, but one of them will be to travel to Australia for a 2-day cancer awareness event. Thank you for your quality craftsmanship. William ______________________________________________________________________________________________

"Not only are Ironwear Fitness's weight vests a valuable training tool for my job as a firefighter but I also use them to train for running 5K's in my full bunker gear. I don my complete gear and job several 5K races in honor of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice and perished inthe line of duty. The races include the Jimmy D Memorial 5K, the Fallen Heroes 5K, the Tunnel to Towers 5K, and the Carlos Negron Memorial 5K. They help me prepare for the increased load my body will endure from jogging 3.1 miles in full bunker gear. Thank you Ironwear Fitness for providing a great product!"



"Ironwear Fitness's flex metal technology is unmatched in the fitness industry. I personally own a 20 lb. Uni-Vest that I have trained with 3-5 times per week for the past three years. This vest is comfortable and moves with me regardless of the activity. In addition to the quality of their products, the Lifetime Warranty that is offered by Ironwear Fitness is top notch. I recently sent my vest back to Ironwear and they reconditioned the shell by reinforcing all the stitching where needed and replacing all the straps and velcro at no charge ! Thank you Arnie and the rest of the Ironwear Fitness staff for your professionalism and service! I will continue to wear my vest with pride and recommend your company every chance I get."

Tom, Athletic Trainer/Strength and Conditioning Coach


"Hi The 2011 3-Day Susan G. Komen for the Cure was another great walk and many of the walkers loved the wrist weights, although I did let them know that to get to 9lbs each I had to “help” the product along and that they do not really go that high ;-) They performed wonderfully and I felt great at the end of the walk, with reduced finger swelling, reduced arm fatigue, and improved upper body comfort from better arm motion.



"Thank you for replacing my breathable weighted vest, and the extra weights, as well. I'm amazed that your company actually honored the life-time warranty it guarantees, and I'm even more amazed you were willing to honor the warranty despite the fact that my husband and I no longer had a record of the original purchase of the weight vest and the extra weight set. Even more amazing is the quick turn-around between the time you received my vest and I receive, in turn, the new vest and weights: about a week, I think. I'm extremely excited to find a place with such excellent commitment to serve its customers well. I've shared my experience with Ironwear Fitness with my friends, many of whom are athletes. I hope my testimonial to the quality of your product and customer service will lead them to Ironwear Fitness when they're looking to purchase new weights or weight vests.

I'm also extremely excited to be working out with my Ironwear weight vest again. It's the most comfortable weight vest I've ever worn, which is why I couldn't stand to replace the ruined one with a weight vest from any other company.

Thank you", - Teresa


"Hello, My name is Matthew Hissong, i purchased a speedvest from you a little over a year ago now, i am a gymnastics instructor but i teach parkour as well, if you don't know what that is you can find my video here: Anyway i just wanted to let you know that i truly enjoy my speedvest as nothing allows me to be lighter on my feet than your vest. i have tried other weight vests in the past but your is truly a work of art, i use it for rockclimbing, swimming, even when training outside i can comfortably roll on the ground with the vest on and not get bruised. i Recommend it to everyone i know and even use mine during my classes sometimes to get my students to be lighter on their feet. Truly a remarkable product, Thank You!

~Matthew Hissong"


"Thank you so much and I just wanted to complement you again on such excellent customer service which is hard to find."

- Carri


"Thanks for your products! IronWear Hand-Wrist-Irons fit perfect to our Modern Style Tai Chi Training

Best regards -Alexander"


"Really appreciate your help on this and I am your best "Marketing Guy"...I always wear my vest at the gym and cannot tell you how many guys have come up to me asking about it. Some folks ask me if it's a bullet proof vest and I say, "you know the gym can be a dangerous place". Then I tell them how I wear it and it has really helped my strength and endurance..how I used to do 4 sets of 10 pull-ups with just body weight and how that dropped to just 5 reps with the vest on. I would add maybe a rep a week and now I'm back up to 10 reps with the vest on. I was away on business not long ago and worked out at the hotel without the vest on, when i jumped up to the pull-up bar I knocked out 18 reps with no problem!

Not bad for a 52 year old!!

I also run the hill at a local highschool and one day I didnt wear the vest because it was in the wash and my normal 4 hill runs turned into 7 without the vest with no problem..

Thanks for the best training aid I have ever had!

Take care and have a great 2012"


"You make a great product! Well thought out and designed, good materials, well made, comfortable to wear. Thank you.

I think the various weights are going to serve our needs very well. They will provide a light, but continuous, stressing of the muscles and bones as we move about, which is exactly what is needed to help counteract the effects of osteopenia/osteoporosis. Our diet has always been good, just need a little more exercise. The weights will provide a good general conditioning as well.



"I had ordered your 1/4 pound handweights for a client of mine. She has Cerebal Palsy. I just wanted to tell you these weights work for her to write, to play with certain toys. They are so easy to put on and she just loves them. There are times she will wear them all day. She likes wearing them at school and the teachers love putting them on her. I also ordered a pair of your three pound weights and I will tell you I enjoy wearing them. Thank you for making such wonderful products for people.

Sincerely Yours




I received the replacement shell yesterday. Thank you so much for all of your generous help with everything! I'm glad to hear you guys are busy, because you've made a fantastic product that many people should purchase and enjoy! :)

Again, many thanks,

-Maria G"


"I am contacting you because as an occupational therapist I have been researching a better product for wearable items. Your product is the best on the market. I like the flexibility and more compact design. I have already been sending other therapists to your website.

Best wishes, Sheila"


"I purchases it for my autistic son. It's worked wonders!!!!

Thanks, Aimee"


"Thank you so much for my product (Hulk Max 24) it was delivered in a timely and efficient manner and the product itself is excellent. I have only had it for a few weeks but I have to say it is a great addition to my workouts no matter what the exercise. Great work and I look forward to doing more business with you soon. Fondest Regards,



"I wanted to share my 2011 3-Day walking theme and that the camera caught me at the Seattle 2011 Race for the Cure on the 5th of June.

The photographer team for the back of my head and by the chair were posted at knockers.smugmug.com/survivors2011 and the one with me overlooking the event was taken by Rob Sumner / Red Box Pictures (http://www.flickr.com/photos/komenpugetsound/sets/72157626798879177/)

Thank you



"Dear Iron Wear Fitness,

I am writing you about your flex-metal weight vest (UNI-VEST), my trainer lent me his, to help get my endurance up. I was recently injured on the job, and I have to pass our department’s physical agility test to get back on duty. I wore your 20 lb. vest (UNI-VEST), starting with five pounds, on stairs and on the hilly terrain in California, I quickly moved up to 20 lbs.

My endurance has never been this good, I use to just focus on straight weight training and cardio, but I been enjoying the challenge of putting on more weight timing my self, and monitoring my heart rate, it's keeps me motivated to see the improvement.

I know you don't have to solicit great feedback, I'm in the vest (UNI-VEST) about 10 hours a week, and almost every day, I had surgery on both my shoulders, so believe me I know!

My training partner has a 50 lb weight vest from weightvest.com, I tried her vest, since I needed something heavier. What a difference in feel, her weight vest put too much pressure on my shoulders, and the straps, dug into my sides, the material did not give, and it felt extremely awkward. I had to take it off after 15 minutes.

Anyway we greatly appreciate your products, and I believe my physical therapist, is going to order a couple of vests for his state of the art clinic, he rehabs a lot of firefighters. Your vest, is extremely comfortable, and distributes the weight, in a more natural way.

Anyway, a fellow worker and I just ordered our own 45 lb, UNI-VEST MAX SYSTEM, keep up the good work!

-Recovering Firefighter Donna"


"Ironwear Fitness products are by far the best wearable weight systems available. I am 28 years old and two years ago I purchased the “Hulk Max 24 Club” system and it has since transformed my fitness level and workout routine.

I am not a professional trainer, coach, or athlete- just an average guy that enjoys exercise and being in shape.

As a teenager I was active in sports, enjoyed hiking and was an avid weightlifter, spending an hour in the gym at least four days a week. I stopped going to the gym when I left for college because I no longer had my friends as workout partners. I continued to go hiking and jogging throughout the years and eventually became an avid runner, often jogging five times a week for hours. I also started to get interested in rock climbing.

At the age of 26, however, I was living in Brooklyn working full-time and going to school. I no longer had the time to go distance running. Moreover, I was noticing that, while I was in relatively good shape, I was getting thin and gaunt. My arms especially had lost most of the strength, size and tone they once had. Those infrequent times when I could go hiking, I noticed the weight of my pack more and more and was struggling when I was fortunate enough to do a little rock climbing. I still did not have a friend nearby who could be a workout partner, let alone the time or money to devote to going to the gym regularly, but I desperately wanted to get back into the shape I remembered being in during my younger years. That is when I had the idea of jogging with weights.

I started looking online for wrist weights and ankle weights. I saw that many of the products available were fairly expensive and since money was tight I decided I would take my time to find exactly what would work best. I do not mind paying a little more if I get a truly quality product that will stand the test of time and is exactly what I am looking for. I knew I wanted something that would keep my hands free but also wanted something very durable, comfortable enough to wear for extended periods of time and heavy enough to actually build muscle rather than simply sculpt or tone.

After a thorough review, I chose the “Hulk Max 24 Club” system by Ironwear Fitness. There were cheaper wrist and ankle weights available but I could tell that they were far inferior.

Online reviews of the other products frequently mentioned several problems relating to durability, comfort and adjustability. One common problem was the durability of the weight bags that could easily tear and spill the sand-like material inside, sometimes staining clothing. Many of these other soft weights also had problems of moving during exercise and the outside material chaffing the skin. Moreover, the heaviest hand or wrist weights I could find offered by other companies were only adjustable up to six pounds or became so bulky that they looked ridiculous and obviously would not be practical for jogging.

Ironwear Fitness products by comparison were far more professional. I could tell the company knew exactly what I was looking for just by browsing the Ironwear Fitness website. They basically were advertising exactly what I had pictured in my mind. They had specifically designed their weight systems to counter the problems of other wearable weights. The outer material is constructed of highly durable weather-resistant material. The inner weights are heavy and flexible but solid so they are less bulky and cannot break like other products. The shape of the shells are ergonomic and use large Velcro straps so they will not shift during exercise and yet are easy to put on and take off. Moreover, the “Hulk Max 24 Club” is designed such that each hand can be easily adjusted up to 12 pounds or disassembled so that each hand has 7 pounds and the remaining 10 pounds can be used as a weight belt or two 5 pound ankle weights.

I purchased the “Hulk Max 24 Club” system and could not be more pleased. The product was exactly as described and is one of the best purchases I have ever made.

The first time I used the weights I wore them as two 7 pound hand weights and the 10 pound waist belt. I started jogging around the 3.5 mile park trail and both the hand weights and waist belt were comfortable and snug without moving or chaffing. My hands were still free to use my mp3 player or adjust my backpack. A little less than halfway around the trail I could no longer keep my arms up and realized I would have to work my way up to 7 pounds on each hand. I stopped and quickly removed four of the ½ pound weight inserts from each hand to bring them down to 5 pounds each. At the end of my half hour jog I was totally spent. My arms and legs both felt like I had been hitting the gym hard and it was a few days before they had recovered to the point where I could go again.

After a few short weeks I noticed my arms and legs were much more solid and defined than they had been. I was then able to increase the hand weights back up to 7 pounds each, only having to relax them a couple of times during my run. I would try to go for a run about three or four times a week and in a couple of months I was in the best shape of my life. I also started using the weights like more traditional dumbbells. The range of motion and ability to have the hands free makes the “Hulk Max 24” system ideal for all kinds exercise routines from tricep extensions to chest flyes and even leg-raises for the abs by transforming the waist belt into ankle weights.

Jogging with these weights provides a workout that is the perfect combination of cardiovascular and strength training. With only 3-4 half-hour workouts a week I have now not only managed to gain back the size in my arms I had lost but my legs are ripped and I have dramatically improved my cardiovascular fitness. One of the best aspects of this type of training is that it balanced muscle building because you work using your body’s natural movements. Hiking, even with a heavy oversized pack, is a breeze and rock-climbing is easier than ever. Now when I go distance running and leave the weights behind it is almost like I am not running at all.

In fact, I am now at the point where I want to start adding more weight to my hands but do not want to get rid of the 10 pound weight belt- I just want more weight- so I plan on purchasing the “Club Iron Belt” for an upgrade. This time, there was no question what company I would purchase from- Ironwear Fitness really does produce the “World’s Best Fitness Products” as they claim. It is no wonder that police, firefighters, and sports teams buy these products for training, the quality and results really are amazing. My Ironwear Fitness gear is still in excellent condition with only slight wear, purely cosmetic, around the thumb holes. I look forward to many more years using this equipment and will continue to turn to Ironwear Fitness to increase my weight set and improve my fitness. Thank you Ironwear Fitness for creating such amazing products."


-Zachary Catanzarite


"I just go the 20# Long and it is the best vest I have ever used! I do Crossfit and my group has been looking for something versatile enough to run, lift, bend, and jump in - this is it! So far I have done Double Unders, Ring Dips, GHDs, Thrusters, Cleans, Back Squats, Pull ups, and Burpees in this vest with no range of motion issues. I am very impressed and very satisfied.




"Nothing is better for developing power in specific sports movements than weighted resistance.We have tried just about every brand out there.Most of them fall apart after a couple of weeks of heavy use.We have found that the Ironwear products to date are the only ones that last."

-James Foster TheGreatAthlete.com


"Just want to let you know that this vest has been my best workout investment that I have made. I have trained for two marathons using it and I have myself up to 26 dead hang pull-ups.

Hope you and your families have a Great Christmas and your business has a great New Year!!!!"

-S/F Jim McNamara


"Good Day

About 2.5 years ago I found your wrist weights on the web and ordered a pair, along with the additional weight package. I was not disappointed in the product quality or flexibility. I began to train using only some of the weights, but my goal was that by September of 2009 that I would be able to use the 7lbs maximum. I was training for a Susan G. Komen for the Cure 3-day 60 mile walk. I had found that on all my previous walks that my fingers swelled and my arms were tired of being raised every few miles to correct. I figured by swing my arms that it would resolve the physical discomfort, but wanted a little more of a workout. Your product is/was fantastic for just that reason. At the conclusion of the 3-days walking, my arms were not tired, my fingers were not constantly swollen, and I felt great. For the 2010 walk, I decided to increase the weight to 8 pounds in each wrist and, although your product was not designed for this, I was able to “help them along” ;-) Almost everywhere I go, while training for the 3-day, folks would comment on the weights and I would explain their function and my pleasure on the results. On the 24th of September I began the 3-day walk and at the conclusion of 60 miles, found once again that your weights made a tremendous difference with how my arms and fingers felt. I have attached a few photos of the weights and of the walk (BTW, I painted the pink ribbon on them). My goal for next year is to add one more pound to each wrist weight and have them at 9 pounds each when I walk in the 2011 3-day. You have an incredible product and I am so happy I was able to find them on the web and use them in my training."

-William Kline 6 time 3-day walker for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure


"Hello. I have purchase some of your equipment for my Training club in Spain. My clintes in my club there love the pantes, vest and the women love the shoe irons for the weight class I give. I want to know if you have decals that I can put in my windows of your great equipment?? Decals. Banners, posters etc,etc. if you would like to see the training I do here please take a look at www.cebuffalobull.blogspot or www usfte.com. AGAIN YOUR EQUIPMENT IS GREAT. Thank you for your time."



" I had a chance to climb Lassen Peak in California a few weeks back and I decided to wear my Speed Vest and Pants to the 10,300 foot summit.... Man, what a workout!!"



"I'm really impressed with the quality of the vest. I've used an x-vest for a number of years and a couple other vests here and there, and I've never seen anything that comes even close to your product. I'll be referring people your way."




"Wow! thanks for the prompt response! The vest came in the mail late yesterday afternoon. What a pleasure to find a company that stands behind it's product and has great customer service. Thanks again"



"Your weight vests are awesome."



"Thanks for the product--it's been a great tool and a fantastic way to get a lot of people into the basics of slacklining that wouldn't otherwise be able to try.

Have been demoing it at our local Crossfit and folks are trying pistols, slosh tubes and all other training on it as well--a big hit."



"Hi Arnold,

Speed Vest received, many thanks. Just to give you some feedback... It is by far the best weighted vest I have come across. I've had a few previous to this but none have been as comfortable to use as yours. It actually feels safe to use, as opposed to feeling like im doing severe damage to my knees and back!!

I work for an outdoor fitness club and will definitely be recommending your products.

Thanks again.



"Love the setup I got! I bought the Uni-Vest long, Under-vest, Uni-pants, and shoe irons...along with plenty of weights. I've had them for about eight months now. I am in the Coast Guard and this system has helped me open new doors in my career.

Thank you!



"I have been using the 'blue' Reebok ironwear hand-weights I bought when I fell in love with kickboxing some 13 years ago!

I had them THAT long! Recently I had my car stolen and my gym bag was in it, so I have to buy new ones ASAP.

Well thanks for making such a great product that lasted me for 13 years and would have lasted 13 more if they hadn't been stolen!




"Arnie and the Crew at Ironwear... You guys are the best! I just received my SpeedVest back from warantee and my new SpeedPants and 3lb ClubIrons and all I can say is "WOW"! I am uber-excited to put them to use in my new training regime. Plus adding the pants to my usual ski gear of a fully-loaded backpack and SpeedVest for downhill skiing and snowboarding as well as Alpine Touring will greatly enhance my performance in the big mountains.

I originaly found your products while searching for weighted vests to rock climb and run with. But as with many people, the only ones I was able to find incorporated either metal bars or lead shot. When I found the FlexMetal, I knew I had found the vest for me. The day I received my SpeedVest, I wore it on a hilly 7-mile run while training for our local spring marathon and found the missing link in my training. During a ski-demo weekend at one of our local ski areas, I wore my SpeedVest and found that after just two days of skiing, my leg and core strength were increased dramatically. I was finding that I wished I had your products to train for my 2007 trip to Denali in Alaska.

In the time since I first received my SpeedVest, I have found myself wearing it while Ski Patrolling at White Pass, running Yakima's city streets, rock climbing at various climbing areas, ski touring on Mount Rainier, and ice climbing before work at our local ice crag. The Ironwear SpeedVest has become my go-to piece of athletic training equipment and I look forward to many years of use for training for climbing, skiing, cycling, and running. Also, I am really looking forward to integrating the the Ironwear line of products into my training for my upcoming full-traverse of Washington's Stuart Range and my 2011 Denali/ Mt. Hunter expedition.

Thanks for all of your support and fine products!

Paul Ekorenrud

Yakima, Wa.

Climber Runner Father"


"Just wanted to extend another big thanks to ya. I did a lot of research looking for a high quality vest and was skeptical of how high the cost of these vests were. Now that I've been using it for a few weeks, it is already well worth it. The way this fits and adjusts to your body is simply amazing compared to something you would buy at some retail store. Thanks again, and I'll be sure to direct anyone interested to your website.



"My friend and I also have two 20 lbs short Uni-Vests that are several years old, and need some repair. I wonder if I could send these back for you to look at and see what can be done with them? I wear my mine five or six days a week for training and I think that they are just terrific – I went on Expeditions across the Himalayas to Tibet during the last two years and I do not think that I would have survived if I had not been able to train with your equipment. I have had three other types of vests but hated them all, and finally gave them away after I bought your vest.


David P"


"Dear Arnie and the rest of the Ironwear Staff,

I just wanted to take a moment to send you a quick message and say THANK YOU for your excellent customer service. I have been training in a 20 lb. long Uni-vest for over a year and a half and have found this product to be durable, safe, and made of the highest quality materials. Recently, my own personal uni-vest had some stitching come out and four of the weights began to leak. I sent my vest to you and you not only repaired my vest, but also replaced all the defective weights FREE OF CHARGE. People ask me all the time about my vest and I can GUARANTEE you that I will not only be able to speak to the quality of the product itself, but also your company. Thank you for providing quality AND service in a day when customer service is a lost art.


Tom Lechtenberg, MS, ATC, LAT, CSCS, CES Athletic Trainer & Customer for Life El Paso, Texas

"P.S. I wear the Uni-vest almost all of my core, agility, cardio, and body weight exercises. I have noticed some great results, and so have those around me. I recommend your product to someone new just about every week. I plan to buy your new undervest in the near future."


"I absolutely love this website! Ironwear has the absolute best selection on weighted fitness products that I have ever seen. With such a nicely organized website, as well as detailed item descriptions with animated product pictures, I know exactly what I’m going to get as if I were actually viewing the products hands-on at a retail store. I am very impressed with Ironwear Fitness. I will make sure to e-mail you a testimonial of my experience upon receiving my product. Thank you very much!!

..And now that I have received my product, I'd like to tell you how pleased I was with everything.

Thank you so much for my Ankle-Wrist Irons that I just purchased! When I first found your website on the Internet, I was amazed to find a company dedicated to innovative weighted fitness products with specialized, patented technology such as the Flex-Metal. Ironwear is exactly what I've been looking for. The website is very easy to navigate, the item descriptions include animated product pictures, and the items arrived with speedy delivery! I am very satisfied with my experience, and I wish to buy more products in the near future.

Thanks again,

Jon C"


"Arnie it (Speed Pants) just came and I could not be more pleased.!!!! Thanks so much. It's got so much weight that I took 60% out and will work up to it. Also what a great looking product. If any inquiries come in and want a high recommendation please share my email or have them call me.

Best regards,



"I recently purchased the Uni-Vest and am very much pleased with this item. I don't have alot of faith in walking to lose weight but with the Uni-Vest, a mere walk can become a quality workout. I only wish I had a Uni-Vest 10 years ago. I am now hooked on Ironwear Fitness products and will soon add the Uni-pants. This company's customer service is beyond belief. I must have contacted them at least 10 times before making a decision and each time, Garrett was patient, pleasant and helpful. I wish more companies had such outstanding customer service. Thank you Ironwear for a quality product and exceptional customer service.



"I am so impatient, that I called on Monday and one of your partners suggested the belt. I bought it and it has already shipped.

Thanks again for the reply and for the fantastic products and your above average customer service.

A very satisfied customer.

Bob L"


"I just wanted to thank you for your prompt service of my order. I received the items on Friday, 04-24-09. I also wanted to thank you for the unexpected surprises of the shoe irons weights and squeeze and stretch. I am already using the weighted vest and love it. The fit is great and it is very comfortable. I ordered the suspenders for the shorts and additional weights yesterday so you should receive my request by now. Again, thank you for your generosity and prompt service.



"I love my short speedvest. I train for races, do bicycle sprints and weight lift while wearing it.

Thanks, Noah"


"Hello sir,

thanks again for all of your help with the speed vest and speed pants. I've been working out with them pretty frequent and love them. thanks for all your help and happy holidays.



"Hello, Arnold,

I received my Walking Vest yesterday, and I have just one word: awesome!!. I couldn’t believe how fast it was shipped out. I am so pleased with the quality and construction, and know that I will get many years of use from it. Thank you for such a fine product, that will go a long way in helping me to achieve my fitness goals. I hope your company prospers during this difficult time. I’ll do my part, as I’m planning to order some additional weights for my vest in the future. Thank you again for the great product and great service.


Buckeye, AZ"


"Your weight vest may have saved my life! I was out on my regular 25-mile training ride yesterday afternoon, a cold and cloudy day here in Atlanta. I was wearing my Ironwear weight vest, carrying 8 lbs. About two miles from home, I’m busting it through a residential neighborhood, trying to maintain my average above 19 mph. This lady in a Ford Taurus wagon slows down to make a left turn into her driveway in front of me. It looks like she is going to wait for me so I keep hammering. I get about 20 yards from her and she makes the turn. Fortunately for me, the aero front end of that old Taurus wagon is just low enough that I hit and roll, bicycle in tow. I smash into her hood and windshield with my back and head as the bike sails overhead. I keep tumbling and hit the ground again back first. Remarkably, there was more damage to her car than to me. Her fender and hood were dented and her windshield totally smashed (she said she never say me – just a big thud and shower of glass). If not for your vest, there’s no doubt I would have busted a rib or two, possibly puncturing a lung. So thanks for the workout and the crash protection!



"Dear Ironwear,

I have been walking now for 3 months with your long Uni-Vest loaded with 20 pounds. I walk from 1/2 to 1 hour a day now. Somedays I do hills and some days I do a level course.

I am a 6' 2" (big guy) and as part of my job I move heavy expensive furniture by hand. When I started I was 311 pounds and I was having problems breathing. Now I'm down to 272 and it feels great!

I can not say enough about the Long Uni-Vest. First, it fits me really well. Second, it is really, really comfortable. Third, it's very thin and flexible, I can wear it under my normal shirts or sweat shirts.

I normally wear a sweat shirt over it so I do not scare people. If I don't they think I'm a police officer on a raid. The vest is so thin and contours to your body and it is easy to wear anytime you walk.

This vest makes you want to walk!!! I have tried a lot of other things and they did not work for me. I got a short Cool Vest for my mother to use and I just got the new Long Club Vest to help me burn off more weight.

I can not say enough about this product, for me the key is comfort. I love my Ironwear Vest!

Thanks a lot,



"I intend to make an order on the 5th but I wanted to make sure the New Years Resolution Sale specials will still apply! The savings here are astounding for the enthusiast and I'm on a budget :) I understand the sale ends on the 5th as the website states but I need to make sure before I commit. I would greatly appreciate your response.

I ordered the terminator suit from your company a few months ago and it has served me very well. My primary source of exercise is martial art and the benefits of training with the suit have been amazing! I have a new kind of lightness and accuracy in my movement which feels quite breathtaking I must say. Of course, it has been quite a number of weeks and I'm looking to increase the efficiency and intensity of my training by applying your undervest long, 2 more 10lb club belt kits, the unipants support straps, and a few 5lb weight kits. The digital jump rope peaked my interest as well..

Anyway, thanks again for creating awesome state of the art exercise gear that is ACTUALLY worth every penny. (Thanks for the deals too! I'm not exactly a rich man.)

- Kevin"


"thank you for your response and excellent service. i love the vest btw. beats the xvest anyday. definitly will buy more stuff from you guys again.



"I received my order of two ankle irons at 9:00 AM this morning. This kind of material you sent me is much better than the cheap China weights I am using for anger management. Your merchandise is very comfortable to wear, and certainly is as effective as advertised. Your merchandise is less frustrating for me as a result. If you can get my new order out today, that would be great so that I can, as soon as possible, toss out my cheap China weights I got from a local store.

- KJM"


"I love the Jr. Cool Vest. My son loves his vest. He says it makes is body and head feel good, he even slept in it last night. :-)



"Well I've received all the gear as expected and finally got to the speed rope. A bolt cutter and 2 minutes or so later I had the rope cut down to my size and wow! My first jump I accidentally smacked my little toes and was like oww! (I'm currently barefoot, but this doesn't even come close to the time I hit myself with a nine section whip chain a few years ago.) I got over it pretty quick however and the speed rope really feels good and I suppose it's as I imagined it would be. Both of the ropes I received function amazingly well and I'm happy. The digital one might not see much use from myself as I'm really getting attached to the speed rope. I hope I'm choosing the right word here, but the ergonomics on both the types of handles are spot on and it really makes swinging the ropes nearly effortless. Of course I prefer the rubberized handle on the speed version because of the feel but the ergonomic design of the two types of handles I received work equally well. Honestly, I never suspected that I would be this interested in jump ropes but it's certainly a pleasant surprise given my original interest was getting a free jump rope! How did I get so behind on the modern jump rope? Thanks again for bringing me up to speed...



"I've ordered several products from you, an Iron Belt, Hand Irons and Shoe Irons and have spread the word on Cathe.com about how wonderful your products are. Hopefully you've had others buying from you.

Thanks, Nita"


"Dear Ironwear Fitness,

I am writing to let you know how pleased I am with all your products.My coach and I have used them to great avail. In all of my fights I have felt a surplus of strength and conditioning, thanks in part to your marvelous product. We have used nearly all your products (hand weights, feet weights, weighted vest, weight shorts, weighted jump rope) in both conventional and unconventional ways. Everything from shadowboxing and core exercises to swimming laps in the pool. In reality, anybody who uses these products is only limited by their imagination. Whether this product is used by athletes to improve their game or soccer moms looking to get fit, increases in strength and speed are sure to occur. Finally, I would like to say that with the use of your flex-metal technology I can concentrate on my workout and not on my comfort. Thank you once again.


Diego Garijo

Professional Mixed Martial Arts Fighter"


"Hello sir, Thanx again for all your help with the vest and the shorts...i have been working out with them pretty frequently and love them!



"Dear sir

I have just received the package for the 10 pieces flexmetal and your free gift! Thank you so much, i really appreciated what you have done. I think your internet sales service is the best i have ever encountered. Truly!

Thanks again and wishing you the best



"Hi Arnold,

I want you to know that the jump rope you added to my order turned out to be my favorite by far!! I ordered the regular rope (Batwing Pro) and the one you gave me to try has the wire in it (Batwing Pro Speed). I love how the wire adds to the control and speed of my jump roping! I have just emailed your website address to come gals at my gym who have asked me about your products. I'll keep spreading the word. Thanks for being such a joy to do business with!!

Best, Cristina Carlson"


"Well before any more time goes by:

It has been about 6 months. I purchased the speed vest from Power Systems, as I have purchased much if not most of my home gym equipment from them. I did want to let you know that the design of the vest is superior to what I had previously. It wears easily and snugly without "cutting into" my small frame. It consistently closes tightly with the velcro each time. I wear it for swimming laps, and rock climbing routes as I train for climbing. -It dries out in an eve, laid out flat. It washed well when one of my friends used it, sweated profusely in it (that was gross) and has survived 6 months of regular, daily wear. It does not sag with the weights inside ( as the other vest had done). The stitching has not come apart, the vest has no holes or frayed areas. I am truly impressed with the product. It is an excellent, well made product. I wanted to let you know. I thank you for this product!!!



"I wanted to let you know that of the two waist/ankle belt models you sent, the smallest one worked the best for Ben. Right now the vest is working so well, that we have not needed to use the ankle weights. But, I am happy to have them for an option when he wants a change. They are sooo much better than the ankle weights I can pick up locally!

Have you received many orders from Colorado lately? I showed the vest to my son's therapists and teachers at school and they all loved it. I have seen a few kids at school and the OT office with new vests... Looks like they are a big hit! :-)



"Many years ago, I purchased 3 sets of Ironwear (TM) weighted gloves at a local Target store - 1, 2, and 3 lb sets. I was very pleased with the weights, unlike traditional wrist weights, and I was able to use them for different aerobic activities. Over time, the weights got dirty, but I was able to put them in the machine and air dry. Over a year ago, one of my 3 lb weights was acidentally thrown away. I searched Target, other stores, and on-line, but I had been unable to find the same weights. Today, I just decided to do a google search and your website came up. I was very excited to see that these were the same weighted gloves I had purchased many years ago.

I have really enjoyed working out with these gloves. I am often asked where I purchased them. Now I can refer any questions to your website. I am looking forward to purchasing a pair of the new leather gloves. I am considering the hand/wrist combo glove.

Waynette Sauls-Larry"


"My trainer suggested I find a weight vest I could use to help build bone density. I tried on a few different ones from other manufacturers, each of which had disadvantages. Then I found yours online, and it looked great but I wasn't sure it would be appropriate, or whether it would fit me (I am a petite 64-year old woman). I decided to try it and ordered the 44# complete UniVest. It arrived today and I am absolutely delighted with it! It is SO well constructed, it's flexible design means it fits me fine, and I love that I can start with lighter weights and work my way up. I feel like I've made a great investment in my well-being. Thank you!

Karen Z"


"I am a cardio-kickboxing addict. I love my home workout videos and do them practically every day and have been for about 7 years. I usually buy anywhere from 2-3 sets of weighted wrist gloves from a local retail store every year because I destroy them, mainly with how much I sweat. No matter how I hung them to dry, my gloves were almost always still wet when I went to work out the next day...it was gross. They'd stretch, rip open, sand would fall out, I'd get blisters all over my wrists from rubbing.....you get the idea.

I received my Kick Boxing Club Hand Irons in the mail the a couple of days ago. Just from the few workouts I have done with them I can already tell the difference. Not only from the great wipe-able surface, which I Love, but my workouts feel different too. Somehow, punches are easier to throw, but at the end of my workout, my arms feel like they've gotten a better workout than with other weighted gloves. They are well made and fit on my hand perfectly, I'm not futzing with them in-between sets. And when I clap, they have really satisfying bounce!

I apologize for rambling, but I don't think I've ever been so pleased with a product I ordered off the Internet. Thank you for making such a wonderful, Quality product. I will definitely be ordering from your company again.

All the Best, Sarah"


"Training hard demand discipline and consistency, training with weight is twice demanding, that why the device or weights play a very critical role. The weight must fit and feel safe and comfortable. After try different brand, shapes, weight and colors I found that the only one that fit my requirements are the Ironwear Fitness products:

- Flexible materials that adapt to the body shape.

- Resistant material, I train in an open and rough environment, even that the Calf weight and Hand Irons Champion are in excellent conditions.

- A very meticulous design that give the safety and comfort.

- Over all that product features, the most amazing is the customer service and support that I received. In some moments I request some adjust to my order, and every time I receive a very collaborative and fast assistance.



"Hi, I like the vest a lot. I tried it on but i am still using the other vest i bought from you. I will use the new one when the weather gets a little warmer. You have great products and great customer service. Feel free to use my comments for your advertising or if anyone wants to know about your products you can give them my email.

Thanks again,



"Dear Ironwear,

I am an adult figure skater, which means that I started this sport as an adult, not as a child. On the advice of my coach I have been using (1.lb total) children's knuckle weights. The additional weight in your hands greatly increases the rotation when learning a two or a one foot spin. I would definatly recommend them to anyone learning to spin.

Thank you, Jeanne Frost"


"A new workout routine is in the works now that I have some more wearable items. I'm excited about the results I should be getting with the ability to change weight in less than 30 seconds. I started with a very small amount of weight initially taking a good portion of the weights out of my first terminator suit order and slowly raising the amount of weight over many weeks. The half pound increments are much more useful to me than a 1 pound or 2 pound increment since well, to me at least, it's easy not to notice how much weight I'm wearing until I feel the effects of overtraining. Also, I imagine if one were to combine improper training technique with any weight suit that there would be serious problems later in life and given that risk it's nice to be able to advance more gradually. The smaller increments provide me with a better ability to monitor and control my advancement in training. Well, that and you ironwear folks made the weights FLEXIBLE and the suits actually STAY PUT! I would really like to see a smart fellow training for parkour with your gear.

Once again thank you, - Kevin Watts"


"I wanted to let you know how much I love my vest! It is perfect, I tried other brands and this one rocks! Very well thought out design... the net-like fabric that can be washed and the flex weights are so smart! Nice to purchase a product and be 100% satisfied!



"Thanks so much, you have amazing products and a very good support. Is hard to find such combination. Congratulation, my next one is the Balance Bow.



"Hurray- I just received the vest and will try it out a bit later. It is gorgeous. Thank you.



"I truly appreciate all you and the company have done to help me make this work. I plan to put something on my website about your company...and will certainly sing your praises to the people who see me wearing the vest outside and at the gym.

Thanks so much, Linda"


"I received my 3# hand weights right on time, thank you, and they are great. Perfect for a 50 yr old, 5’7, 158 lb man is decent shape. I use them to ‘rock and roll’ walk and it is a good workout. I have found that the ‘half way’ walk is just right, i.e.…….I only go half way, then turn around and come back.Soon I will be ordering the foot weights, what you recommend.

Thanks Dave"


"I just wanted to say that at first i have had doubts that vest and pants would even fit on my body and leg since i'm 6'5 and 299 lbs and as soon I open the box and fit them on I felt like a warrior putting on armor. The service was great too. When i didn't get a word from the confortmation of the order i called you guys up and told me that you'll get back to me , it just took a few mins to get the phone call saying that the package well be sent out that very day. You guys never stop doning what youare doing because you guys are GREAT!!!

Kevin F from Indiana"


"A few weeks ago I bought a pair of shoe irons. I was very pleased with the price. Also I was very pleased with the results. I wore them for about an hour playing basketball and as soon as I took them off I could feel that I could jump higher. My knees felt good and the muscles in my legs felt like they were worked very well. I plan on buying more products in the near future.

Nate M"


"You sent me a smaller shell (lime green, which I was not sure I would like, but I have found it to be a "guy" magnet! -- smile-- ) The size is MUCH better for me! I very much appreciate your responsiveness and willingness to work this out with me! Good luck with your product -- I like it very much. The flexible weights rather than being plate, "shot" or sand are a great plus! All my best,



"I am intersted in placing an order with your company. I already own the IronWear Speed-Vest and I am MORE than satisfied with your product. I've been using this vest for about a month and 1/2 and just in that short time,I have noticed a BIG improvement. I bought the Speed-Vest when I went on a business trip to San Diego. I am in the Military in addition to being a High School Wrestling Coach and Army Combatives Instructor. I would like to order additional products from you.

Mel, US Military Base"


"I recently purchased the adjustable shoe irons from you. I just want to say that this is the best shoe weight i bought. They are comfortable and easy to use; they feel like it is a part of me when I work out. Thank You!

Hang Lin"


"There seems to be no end to the great products that you folks have to offer. Just received my Long Cool-Vest and i haven't taken it off yet. Great fit and with the club wrist weights seem to be a winning combination. Thanks for seemingly endless supply of workout enhancing products.

John K"


"Great Stuff!!

Thanks, Clint"


"I received the weight vest I ordered and it's a great product at a great price. I'll definitely be recommending you to other people and buying from you again. Customer service was excellent and when the shipping company lost the package your company was right on top of it and got a new vest to me right away. Great service, Great price, Great products what more can you ask for?

Thanks, Ken"


"Hello, I just wanted to let you know that I have tried my new Club Knuckle Irons and they are absolutely great. I will definitely be ordering a heavier pair as my arms get stronger. I am very happy with my purchase and will recommend them to all of my friends.

Thanks, Tom"


"I just wanted to let you know I love the 3# club hand irons you found for me. The first time I tried them, they were so comfortable I briefly wondered if they were in fact 3 pounds! They are the best!! From now on I will buy only your weighted exercise products. I am so happy to have hand weights that are comfortable and washable. No more stinky abrasive hand weights for me!!

Thanks again, Karla"


"Hello, I recently received your fire fighter system vest. It is very useful; everything I expected.

Thank you so much, Ryan"


"I have been using your hand weights for many years. I asked my husband for a new set of your hand weights for Christmas to use when it gets warmer, since the ones I have been worn to a frazzle, but they're the greatest.



"Ironwear, I love the vest! Thank you so much for your excellent customer service in providing me with a new shell/vest. This is the best Christmas present my husband has ever given me. Best wishes in this new year.

Angela Donehoo"


"Thank you for facilitating the exchange! Easy, Fast, Hassle Free!!

Leslie Young"


"I’m writing this letter to thank Ironwear Fitness for their wonderful products. I have competed in wrestling from age 12 to 24 and have found my self requiring major orthopedic surgery at 45. I’ve used my Ironwear Fitness pants to recover from surgery in a safe and comfortable manner and now have progressed to both the weighted pants and vest. Their products provide such a wide variety of use and the ability to integrate the same weights throughout their systems. I would recommend their products to any serious athlete as well as any individual attempting to recover from orthopedic surgery.



"We used 4 of the Speed vests this track off season and one of the young men who used it also played football. He timed the fastest 40 time (4.4s) recorded at the school and ended up running a 10.8s hundred meters. We want to incorporate them(Speed Vests) on a larger scale with the football team this year as a whole.

Thanks Sean Manuel"


"Many years ago (decades), I searched for a pair of ankle weights. The only thing I could find at that time was the fixed (non adjustable weight) buckle-on type. Then I noticed the Ironwear brand with the unique adjustable weights with Velcro. I was skeptical at first, as the cost was more but as the years rolled by and they continued to hold up, I am glad I purchased them. And now with the Lifetime Warranty it's a no brainer. Thanks Ironwear.

Steven Deitch"