Adriano de Souza - Illinois State University

Adriano de Souza - Illinois State University
I am currently a volleyball coach at Illinois State University, an NCAA Division I program. I have coached volleyball and taught physical education in both the United States and Brazil for over 16 years. I have been searching for a product that will allow my athletes to perform specific volleyball movements with resistance, but without the bulk of oversized vests.

The IronWear SPEED VEST is a versatile, comfortable, form-fitting vest that can be used in specific strength/power exercises while the athlete is practicing movements that mimic what they do in game situations. The players can jump while performing their full approach to attack, as well as move laterally to block or defend. The IronWear Speed Vest is the best product I have found that allows our players to perform specific game-like movements with a speed vest that adjusts to fit the player’s body and gives them the freedom and ability to move in any and all directions.

Our staff is very satisfied with this vest and we recommend the IRONWEAR SPEED VEST to teams and athletes who want to do sports specific exercises with resistance.

Adriano de Souza

Illinois State University