Adjustable Ankle Irons™ ½ to 5lb each, 1 to 10lb pair

Adjustable Ankle Irons™ ½ to 5lb each, 1 to 10lb pair
Item# AIO50A

Adjustable Ankle Irons™ ½ to 5 pounds each Ankle Weight

Adjustable Ankle Irons™ have five patented padded stretch pockets into which individual IRONWEAR ™’s patented ½ pound Flex-metal™ inserts may be inserted. Each pocket is designed to hold one or two weights securely. This allows each weight to be adjusted in 1/2 pound increments up to 5 pounds. AI050A come as a pair with 20 – ½ pound inserts.

Adjustable Ankle Irons™ thin Flex-metal™ inserts flex with your movements and bend to the contours of your ankle. The soft gel like material stays in place without creating localized pressure points.

Adjustable Ankle Irons™ with Flex-metal™ inserts do not move around or rotate. They do not shake, sag, or spill out like sand and shot filled weights. They do not chafe or bruise like weights made with metal bars.

Adjustable Ankle Irons™ have an over sized neoprene strap which can be used to adjust the weight to the desired tension on any size ankle.

Adjustable Ankle Irons™ thin design and can be worn under sweat shirts or pants. They are easy to wash and should last for years.

Adjustable Ankle Irons™ Champion Series are encased in an abrasion resistant padded nylon fabric for maximum durability.