* #1 BALANCE TRAINER* Balance Bow™ Professional Balance Trainer (Yellow)

* #1 BALANCE TRAINER* Balance Bow™ Professional Balance Trainer (Yellow)
Item# balance-bow-professional-balance-trainer


Balance Bow™ Pro (Bow™) is the leading edge of balance training and is the most challenging. It is fun, addictive, and extremely affective. It is a must for training any athlete and requires a level of concentration and muscle control beyond all other equipment. From rehabilitation to elite athlete training nothing is better for balance, core awareness, core strength, and building quick reflexes.

Balance Bow™ Pro’s patented system combines the challenge of a tightrope, highwire or slackline with the spring response of a trampoline to form a low impact dynamic training and exercise system. The risk of falling is greatly reduced because even the most advanced moves are done only inches from the ground. This makes it possible for the athlete to be safely challenged, learn more rapidly and attempt new things. The Balance Bow™ is a serious piece of professional training equipment and many of the exercises should only be done with appropriate supervision.

Balance Bow Training™ is done by positioning all or part of the body on the Balance Bow™ and then working the mind and body to maintain position, move along the Bow™, manipulate other objects, or do exercises.

Balance Bow Focus Training™ is the ultimate Zen mastering tool. It forces the trainee to clear their mind and focus on the position and control of all aspects of their body. It requires complete posture awareness with calm, yet lightning quick muscle response to correct the position of one’s core to maintain balance (equilibrium). It provides a whole new level of self-awareness.Tai Chi movements, Kata patterns, and Yoga positions all increase in difficulty when performed on the Balance Bow™.

Balance Bow Biomechanics™ involves balancing on the Balance Strap™ where the balancing area line constitutes an unstable equilibrium. You must constantly work to keep your center of gravity over the balance point. Once your center of gravity is slightly out of alignment, regaining equilibrium requires that you do one or more of the following: move your center of gravity back over the balance point, or you move the balance point back under you, or you can cause a force to counteract the angular momentum, for example by the quick movement or extension of an arm or leg.

Balance Bow Exercises™ are extensive and growing rapidly. No other device gives you so many different exercise modes and levels of difficulty. Imagine using one device for all your board, dome, tightrope, slackline, step, and balance beam exercises. Balance Bow™ offers different exercises for balance, speed, strength, endurance, and multiple focus development at different levels of difficulty.

Balance Bow™ Pro has a Balance Strap™ which is stretched across the Bow ™ like a string on an archery bow. The Tensioner™ adjusts the flexibility of the Balance Strap™ to increase or decrease the level of difficulty. The Bow Legs ™ and adjustable rubber Bow Feet™ of the Balance Bow™ conform to the floor to help to prevent movement when a load is applied to the Balance Strap™.

Balance Bow™ Testimonial

“Balance Training holds many benefits for one’s body and one’s mind. The Balance Bow takes the challenging and extremely fun activity of slacklining (balancing and walking on nylon webbing) and makes it accessible to everyone, anywhere. I fell in love with this piece of equipment from the first moment I stood on it. It’s very well built and because it’s low to ground, it provides a non-threatening way to train on a slackline – which is saying a lot. I like that you can also train from a push-up position to develop upper body and core strength.”

David Weck Inventor of BOSU

Some Sample Exercises:

Bow Pushup- Hands are placed on the strap which reduces pressure on the wrists and provides a cushioned surface to contact on each rep.

Bow Snow Board(or Surfer)- One foot in front of the other,knees bent and arms out. Balance control coming from position of the body and movement of the arms.

Bow Bounce- Stand one the balance strap and throw the ball down and catch it again(this is being done with a medicine ball) key is the lift above the head.

Bow Power Line- Balls of the feet on the balance strap. Like a bird on a power line. This extremely difficult and requires calf strength and total body control.

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