BATWING™ Pro Heavy Flex™

BATWING™ Pro Heavy Flex™
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BATWING™ Pro Heavy Flex™ Professional Weighted Jump Rope

BATWING™ Pro Heavy Flex™ is a 16 ounce (one pound) weighted rope designed for advanced workout levels, which is about 10 time heavier than a standard rope. BATWING™ Pro Heavy Flex™ the includes IRONWEAR’s™ patented handles, heavy patented Flex-metal™ core rope, and rubber rope protector.

BATWING™ Pro Heavy Flex™ rope has a flexible woven nylon cover and a heavy but soft one piece Flex-metal™ core. The soft flexible Flex-metal™ core gives the rope more weight and structure. The soft Flex-metal™ spreads the weight out uniformly along the length of the rope which reduces the ropes impact on the ground.

BATWING™ Pro Heavy Flex™ is much safer that other heavy ropes because other heavy ropes it does not contain metal shot or metal bars.

(Almost all heavy ropes contain loose weights in a tube. As you jump, centrifugal force pushes the weights to the apex of the rope, exactly where the rope contacts the ground. This concentration increases the impact force against ground or body. As a result the tube wears out quickly. Often the tube will develop a hole and the weights fly out of the rope like bullets. The higher impact of these ropes also makes them more dangerous for the user.)

BATWING™ Pro Heavy Flex™ rope comes in a 9 mm diameter and is black in color. The heavy Flex-metal™ core gives the rope double the weight of the medium Flex-metal™ rope with the same soft woven shell.

BATWING™ Pro Heavy Flex™ is supplied with a soft rubber impact sleeve which protects the soft woven covering on the rope from impact damage. Once the sleeve becomes worn it should be replaced. Replacement sleeves and other parts are available through IRONWEAR.

BATWING™ Pro Heavy Flex™ rope is a fixed length of 9 feet, but the rope can be knotted easily to shorten it if the rope is too long.

BATWING™ Pro Heavy Flex™ handles were originally designed by IRONWEAR™ to prevent injuries experienced by professional boxers who use jump ropes as their main form of aerobic exercise. Boxers can develop wrist and hand problems caused by the excessive twisting of the wrist and tight grip required by standard jump handles.

BATWING™ Pro Heavy Flex™ unique patented solid handle design removes the need to bend the wrist while at the same time reduces the force required to grip the handle. Extensive form studies were done to develop the shape so that it fits comfortably into the hand, holds the rope at the correct angle, and locks in place naturally without a tight grip.

BATWING™ Pro Heavy Flex™ is considered an advanced rope and should be used by experienced jumpers. It should not be used near other people. It should be used at least a rope length away from everything. Protective clothing should also be worn on the feet and legs when using any weighted rope.

BATWING™ Pro Heavy Flex™ is the most advanced heavy rope jump rope available and is great for building muscle, bone density, rhythm and concentration. Heavy weighted ropes travel slower and require more practice to master.

BATWING™ Pro Heavy Flex™ have a limited lifetime warranty which covers any defects in materials or workmanship. Contact IRONWEAR™ for more details.

BATWING™ Pro Heavy Flex™ comes with gray solid rubber handles, screw in rope for easy replacement, rubber rope protector, and heavy Flex-metal™ core rope.