BATWING™ Pro Trick Professional Jump Ropes 1 DOZEN

BATWING™ Pro Trick Professional Jump Ropes 1 DOZEN
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BATWING™ Pro Trick Professional Jump Ropes 1 Dozen

BATWING™ Pro Trick is a multi purpose rope designed for all around training, endurance, weight loss, medium speed and basic tricks. The rope includes IRONWEAR’s™ patented handles, rope locking system, and solid rubber rope.

BATWING™ Pro Trick handles were originally designed by IRONWEAR™ to prevent injuries experienced by professional boxers who use jump ropes as their main form of aerobic exercise. Boxers can develop wrist and hand problems caused by the excessive twisting of the wrist and tight grip required by standard jump handles.

BATWING™ Pro Trick unique patented handle design removes the need to bend the wrist while at the same time reduces the force required to grip the handle. Extensive form studies were done to develop the shape so that it fits comfortably into the hand, holds the rope at the correct angle, and locks in place naturally without a tight grip. The BATWING™ handle design and ropes have been endorsed by REEBOK™ and sold by REEBOK™all over the world to professional athletes. They are truly the most comfortable, best balanced and safest jump ropes.

BATWING™ Pro Trick includes IRONWEAR’s™ comfort grip, new padded non-slip solid rubber handles which are extremely safe and durable. The soft rubber and the unique design makes the handles easy to hold during all types of exercises. The comfort grip handles incorporate IRONWEAR’s™ quick tread rope connectors that make it easy to change ropes or replace bearings.

BATWING™ Pro Trick includes IRONWEAR’s™ new patented screw lock rope length adjustment system and heavy duty nylon thrust bearings. Simply slide the screw lock to the desired rope length, tighten the lock and cut off the excess rope.

BATWING™ Pro Trick includes IRONWEAR’s™ 5mm solid black rubber rope. The soft extremely abrasion resistant rope is supplied at 9.5 feet and can be easily cut to length. This is a medium speed multi-purpose rope suitable for most exercises and tricks. It is softer and safer than high speed ropes and weighted ropes.

BATWING™ Pro is supplied with gray rubber handles and a 5mm diameter 9.5 foot black rubber rope.

Other color handles as well as replacement ropes and bearings are also available.