David Braswell - Austin, Texas

David Braswell - Austin, Texas
I am a former US Marine who was a part of a security forces unit located in Chesapeake Va. I've trained over 100 military personnel in hand to hand combat during my enlistment. Prior to that I was a high school junior Olympic medalist in the 400m and 800m. I moved on to competing on the collegiate level with a 400m P.R of 46.6. I'm currently a NASM personal trainer and I work with athletes who seek improvements on speed and lower body explosive power, individuals seeking weight loss, strength building and increased muscle definition. I use Ironwear Fitness equipment because of it's versatility. It's essential for weight loss, muscle building, and of course speed and power development.

If your an athlete, go ahead and put on a short performance weight vest loaded with 5-10% of your body weight and perform single leg bounds. If your seeking weight loss, wear the 1-3lb ankle weights and wrist weights while at work and watch your metabolism take off!


David Braswell, Personal Trainer

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