Dmitri Sataev -San Diego, Ca

Dmitri Sataev -San Diego, Ca
I run the USGSF, United States Girevoy Sports Federation which certifies instructors in the use of giri/kettlebells and is the only Russian sanctioned federation. The USGSF is also holding the GS World Champsionships in San Diego.

I personally train athletes at our California Heath and Fitness Center in powerlifting, body lifting, body building, strong man and women training, boxing, kick boxing, and mixed martial arts. Most of my work is focused on preparing athletes for professional competitions. Its serious work where we push athletes to beyond their perceived limitations.

I have been using heavily weighted vests in my training for years, always searching to find the right vests to safely push the athlete, ones that don't fall apart.

I was so happy when I found Ironwear at the World Personal Trainer Show in 2006. For the first time I found the safe quality vest I needed. Since then I have beated the shit out of these vests and they don't wear out. For fighters I use the whole Ironwear system to get them ready for a fight. The Uni-Vest, Uni-Pants, Shoe-Irons, and my favorite the 3-7lb per hand Hand-Irons. This system prepares the athlete for the long haul, and gives them the extra strength and endurance they need to win. They are like having your competitor leaning and pushing on you the whole time, with Ironwear you're ready for them with power to spare.

My overall favorite product is the Speed Vest, we use it for everything, we spar, lift and swim in it. That's right I have my athletes swim in it, this really pushes their limits. The Speed Vests provides extra resistance but lets the water flow through it. When they're about to die we pull them out before they sink.

Dmitri Sataev



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