Double Set of Med-Block/Stackable Medicine Balls 6,8,10lb

Double Set of Med-Block/Stackable Medicine Balls 6,8,10lb
Item# double-set-of-medblock
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Med-Blocks™/ Square-Balls™ Stackable Medicine Balls

Square-Balls™are part of IRONWEAR’s™ Med-Blocks™ product line. The unique patented design permits them to act like a medicine ball but stack like blocks. The soft shell and corners let you throw and catch them like a ball. The padded handles make it easy to hold, swing and lift for all kinds of exercises.

Square-Balls™are soft but heavy. The weight comes from soft recycled rubber, so they are soft all the way through as well as environmentally friendly. The outer cover is constructed of padded ballistic nylon fabric to be both soft and durable.

Square-Balls™are safer than traditional medicine balls. The padded fabric shell and soft interior provide the gentler impact than other medicine balls. The soft padded handles are intergraded into the sides of the blocks so they do not protrude and do not interfere with stacking or passing.

Square-Balls™are great for children as well as experienced athletes and are ideal for: abdominal training, rotational movements, strength training, swinging, chopping, and passing exercises.

Square-Balls™provide more exercise options than standard medicine balls. Stacking provides for multiple block lifting, balancing and carrying as well as a wide variety of fun and challenging lift, pass and stack exercise games.

Square-Balls™are neater and more economical than medicine balls. They can be stacked and easily stored anywhere, do not require a rack and will not bounce or roll away. They are color coded and marked in both pounds and kilos and are available in 6, 8, and 10 pounds