Eduard Gelo - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Eduard Gelo - Dubai, United Arab Emirates
I have been involved in fitness past 20 years, 15 years of it involved in natural bodybuilding and cross-training. As a Personal trainer I had an opportunity to work in Spain, Italy, UK and Canada. Currently contracted as a freelance Personal, Group and Master trainer for Fitness First Fitness facility in Dubai International Finacial Centre, Dubai, United Arab Emirates training anyone from executives personel, fitness enthusiasts to professional athletes.

I must say, In my time I have used various fitness gizmos and gadgets but this one really stands out! I have been introduced to Ironvest product by one of my close friend and since that day I started to modify my client's and personal workouts with some challenging variations. The product is very versatile and could be used with beginners as well as highly advanced athletes to challenge their cardiovascular endurance, strength, speed, stability, core in one powerful session. I have been using the Ironvest regularly with every client since we analyzed that workout with Ironwear product in most clients seriously enhanced residual oxygen volume, shredded over 7 kg of fat in 11 sessions while increased lean muscle mass, core strength and build some serious speed. That is quite amazing!

I you are either beginner or pro-athlete you can defenitly benefit from training with Ironvest. Include some dynamic, static and explosive exercises in 60 minute workout with short breaks in between your sets for really amazing results!

Contact details:

Eduard Gelo

Fitness First


Dubai International Financial Centre Building 4


United Arab Emirates

tel: 971 0505036050