Ellen Beard

Ellen Beard
Ellen S. Beard, principal operator for S.I.S., has worked in the equine industry for more than 30 years. A Kentucky native, she grew up working with national caliber horses in the heart of show horse country. Professionally, she has trained numerous world and national champion horse and rider combinations. A nationally recognized USEF judge and clinician, Ellen is a four term member and past co-chair of the United States Equestrian Federation Saddle Seat Equitation Committee and is past president of the International Saddle Seat Equitation Association. She also serves on the United Professional Horsemen’s Association Equitation Committee. Ellen served for 9 years as a faculty member of Stephens College in the Equestrian Studies program and holds a Masters of Strategic Leadership from Stephens College. Each day I am truly amazed by our horses and how they allow us to work with them. This passion and curiosity spark my desire to teach. I came up through the trenches learning how to not only care for horses, teach riders, and train horses, but also how to drive businesses to increase revenues and to improve showing outcomes. I have extensive experience in international competition as well. – Ellen Beard Ellen and her team, including her daughter Molly, help others in the horse industry to achieve their dreams. Molly Beard is a vital asset in organizing and planning S.I.S. events. Whether at your facility, a show, or an S.I.S. camp, S.I.S. will collaborate with you to build confidence in your abilities to meet the challenges of the show ring or equine experience. Ellen Beard’s S.I.S. is currently booking custom visits at your farm, facility or show including the U.S. Nationals, Morgan Grand National and the UPHA American Royal. Equestrian business services are also available.

Ellen Beard’s Success In Saddles (S.I.S.) is a professional business whose mission is to support and enhance the outcomes and competitive successes of show horse professionals and their clients in the show ring. With over fifty years of combined experience in athletic development, Ellen Beard and her talented team, Hannah Sette and Mandy Robinette, offer services designed to promote a profitable equine business model, provide continuing equestrian education and career counseling, and aid clients in the development of specialized skills. Through camps, clinics and continuing education, clients have access to a networking support system and equestrian skill development program that focuses on personal and strategic accomplishments. We use a holistic approach to promote discovery and awareness by emphasizing the individual nuances of each show horse breed, their owners, professionals and respective associations. The S.I.S. program is used by many of the nation’s leading trainers and instructors to put that razor sharp edge on their horses and riders.

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 Iron Wear Equestrian Fitness Gear Suggested Uses:

Core Vest

Strengthens core muscles. Can be incrementally adjusted in half pound increments. Focused upper body alignment with strength conditioning. Assists rider in finding their center. The vest comes weighted at 8 lbs. It can be adjusted up to 16 lbs. in ½ lb. increments.

Timing Chaps

Provides secure feeling in the saddle. Helps rider stay in the center of the saddle. Enables better timing of the posting trot. Slows the body down during canter and sitting trot. Increases inner thigh pressure through gentle weighted pressure. Great tool for no stirrup work. The chaps come weighted at 8 lbs. It can be adjusted up to 16 lbs. in ½ lb. increments.

Head Strong

Used by boxers and martial artists for balance and posture alignment. The Equestrian Head Strong promotes head and neck alignment and the skill to look out in front of the horse. It is a tremendous tool to keep the rider in time with the horse during transitions. It comes weighted at 5 lbs. The ideal weight is 2-3 lbs.

Knuckle Iron

Knuckle Irons promotes steadier hands and evenness. There is less bridle confusion with steadier hands.

Hand Wrist Irons

The Hand Wrist Irons work very well for the rider who carries forearm tension. Weights can be added in ½ lbs. increments up to eight lbs. The common weight is 2-3 lbs. on the forearm. This tool helps to loosen fore arm tension and promote softer arms.

Heel Irons

The heel iron applies gentle resistance to the heel and promotes ankle flexion. It comes weighted at 1 lbs. and can increase to 2 lbs. It is specifically designed to enhance no stirrup skills. The heel iron straps on easily and securely to the rider’s boot.

Toe Iron

Gentle resistance develops the shin muscle and inner thigh strength to conquer no iron work. The toe iron straps on easily and securely to the rider’s boot. The toe iron comes weighted at 1 lbs.

Balance Bow

Designed to be a portable slack line, this professional balance tool is great for warming up a rider’s joints before riding. The Balance Bow has been utilized in several Strength and Conditioning studies and has proven to improve flexibility, core strength, quad strength and balance. It moves underneath you enough to simulate the need to have both flexibility and the controlled movement. I have developed exercises specific to equestrians which promote coordinated movements mimicking those needed while riding.