Gail Abettan - Brooklyn, NY

Gail Abettan - Brooklyn, NY
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Hey all you fitness diehards!

My name is Gail Abettan. I am a fitness professional certified with many various organizations; AAAI, ACSM, AFFA, MadDog Spinning, etc… I have been training women for 17 years in many fields of exercise training. Such as: cardio-sculpt, step, spinning, and cardio kick box. Through my experience with many variations (using free weighted equipment); I have stumbled upon a fantastic simple training tool called Hand Iron Gloves (weighted glove). I have been training with these gloves for many many years. I’ve used many other similar brands, but there is nothing like the original Hand Irons. Especially now, Hand Irons perfected their material. Instead of neoprene they now have a leather surface, which does not absorb that nasty sweat smell. I also love the way they distributed the weight around the hand (Soooo comfortable!!!). This great design gives the ability for my clients to throw a better and safer punch. Just like me and you, we all want the best workout getting the job done in the shortest amount of time. Now, in my own studio, (Horizons on Ave. U Brooklyn NY) I am able to work with many committed clients who welcome progression and change. Hand Irons gloves play a big part of this advancement for effective weight loss, strength, and toning. Through trial and error, whether with or without the gloves on, along with the use of heart rate monitors; we are able to see the results of serious calorie burn and heart rate zone.


The heavier weights you train with, especially doing cardio moves, the bigger the challenge. This equals the higher the heart rate, and in turn the higher the calorie burn! It also allows my girls to multitask their workout. Cardio and body sculpt at the same time all in just one hour! Extraordinary – Wearing these gloves changes a simple jumping jack into a high powered move. That’s efficiency, what more could you ask for? For more great quick effective ideas, e-mail me at