George Sottiriou,- Pa

George Sottiriou,- Pa
I am a strength trainer since 1962,USAF olympic weight lifting champion.In 1962 I did proficiency training and testing for USAF fighter pilots.

I have been using the weighted vest concept for a number of years. The first weight vest i used for cardio training was a 50b vest from This unit however was not comfortable.

I purchased your 20lb Short vest and 20lb weighted Uni-Pants to train my son who is a 2nd degree black belt in the MMA with the Tiger Schumann karate organization, he is also in the instructor training program. As you know from my recent orders I have introduced the concept of specific curriculum MMA training to increase strength very specifically with an emphasis on endurance. Each individual is training with approximately 25% of their body weight. So that when they compete the advantage of this type of training that cannot be duplicated in any gym or on any isotonic equipment including free weight or kettle bells will take that individual to a higher proficiency level.

George Sottiriou

Strength Trainer/Physical Conditioning Specialist


University of Maryland - Liberal Arts

Continuing Education:

Thomas Edison College:



USAF; Olympic Weight Lifting Champion

Prior Owner Apollon Health Club (1975-1990)

Health South created Step Down Program from pt to gym

Developed aggressive protocols for post op. cervical and lumbar patients, working with prominent neuro surgeon, Charles Kalko (1990-2004)

Certification and Skills

International Sports Medicine Assoc. Certified Strength Trainer

USAF;Physical Conditioning Specialist Implemented Protocols for Air Force Pilots