NEWEST - Harvard Vest™ (Short) Zipper Front, Mesh Strength Training Weight Vest, Adjustable From 1 to 10 Pounds ★★★★★ (21)

NEWEST - Harvard Vest™ (Short) Zipper Front, Mesh Strength Training Weight Vest, Adjustable From 1 to 10 Pounds ★★★★★ (21)
Item# HV10ZF

Harvard Vest™ (Short) Zipper Front, Mesh Strength Training Weight Vest, Adjustable From 1 to 10 Pounds

The Harvard Vest™ (Short) was first designed by IRONWEAR over 10 years ago for researchers at Harvard Medical School as a tool for strengthening patients recovering from surgery and older adults to increase their mobility and longevity, but we are now releasing it to the public. Over many years of research studies they have demonstrated the value of using these weighted vests to increase strength, mobility, and a life of independent living.

The Harvard Vest™ (Short) was IRONWEAR's first zipper front vest with the size adjustable belts located in the bak to simplify everything. In Harvard's multi-year studies each person is supplied a vest and the vest is adjusted to their size with the belts in the back. The Harvard Vest is very simple to use and goes on and off like a zipper jacket. The soft Flex-metal weights used in the Harvard Vest™ made it the only safe option for any age person to use. Black mesh was selected to keep the vest thin and as cool as possible since it is used everyday in all seasons for many hours.

The Harvard Vest™ (Short) is IRONWEAR's simplest and safest weighted vest for all types of strength training. It is ideal for wearing during all type of regular activities to safely add resistance and increase strength including walking, hiking, stair climbing, pushups, sit-ups, and chair exercises.

All aspects of the Harvard Vest™ (Short) are designed for comfort and safety. All the edges of the vest are bound with soft stretch fabric to make them comfortable. The belting system is also wide and padded to prevent any localized pressure points or chaffing. The shoulders are also made of multiple layers of mesh and padding for comfort and airflow.

The thin, flexible and cool construction of the Harvard Vest™ (short) makes it ideal for wearing under other garments. The thin shoulder straps and v-neck make it easy to conceal under most clothing, while the large pore open mesh allows air to flow easily through the shell to minimize heat entrapment, so you can get a workout without others knowing.

The Harvard Vest™ (Short) will not inhibit your normal range of motion. The design allows for thin even loading of weight over the whole inside surface of the Harvard Vest™ (Short) and the weight is balanced between the front and the back. When you move, the shell and the soft Flex-metal weights become one with you and bend and flex as you do.

The vest is easy to use and maintain. The vest can be hand washed or showered off with the weights in place or the shell can be machine washed with the weights removed.

The Harvard Vest™ (Short) has 20 single weight stretch opening pockets (10 on the front and 10 on the back) and is supplied with 20 1/2 lb. IRONWEAR patented Flex-metal weights. The Harvard Vest™ (Short) shell alone weighs just under one pound by itself. Fully loaded the Harvard Vest™ (Short) is approximately 11 pounds.