Hulk Max Boot Irons™

Hulk Max Boot Irons™
Item# BI47A

Hulk Max Boot Irons™- Adjustable from 2 to 47 Pounds, Supplied at 8.5 Pounds Each (17 Pound Pair)

Hulk Max Boot Irons™ are Ironwear's latest adjustable leg weights design. The Boot Irons™ go over your shoe, ankle, and calf. Hulk Max Boot Irons™ Have 15 Triple Weight Pockets™ on each boot. The Triple Weight Pockets™ can hold one, two, or three 1/2 pound Flex-Metal® weights securely. With three weights in each pocket, each boot weighs over 23.5 pounds for a total weight of 47 pounds per pair.

The Hulk Max Boot Irons™ have a replaceable bottom sole strap to secure the weights to the arch of the foot, as well as a heel strap, ankle strap, and calf strap to allow the Hulk Max Boot Irons™ to adjust to a wide variety of sizes and to hold the weight securely to the leg.

The Hulk Max Boot Irons™ are made of high strength ballistic nylon for maximum durability. The oversized fasteners help hold the boots securely for all types of work outs.

The Hulk Max Boot Irons™ were designed for use by trainers training professional athletes and should only be used under professional supervision.