Ironwear Terminator-Suit™ Adjustable from 7 to 85 lbs, Supplied at 48 lbs

Ironwear Terminator-Suit™ Adjustable from 7 to  85 lbs, Supplied at 48 lbs
Item# ITS48

"I ordered the terminator suit from your company a few months ago and it has served me very well. My primary source of exercise is martial art and the benefits of training with the suit have been amazing! I have a new kind of lightness and accuracy in my movement which feels quite breathtaking I must say...

..Anyway, thanks again for creating awesome state of the art exercise gear that is ACTUALLY worth every penny. (Thanks for the deals too! I'm not exactly a rich man.)

- Kevin"

Ironwear Terminator-Suit™ ITS-48 Adjustable from 7 to 85 lbs. Supplied at 48 lbs. (with 80-½ lb soft Flex-Metal™ weight inserts)

Ironwear Terminator-Suit™ combines the 2 to 60 pound Uni-Suit™ (long) with IRONWEAR’s™ 3 to 7 pounds per hand (6 tp 14 pound pair) Hand Wrist Irons™, 1 to 5 pound Iron Belt™ (setup as 2 ankle weights) and ½ to 3 pound (1 to 6 pound pair) of Shoe Irons™ to create the world’s most challenging performance weighted training suit.

Ironwear Terminator-Suit™ combines all the intense patented IRONWEAR ™ training products into one system that is comfortable, easy to wear and fun to use.

Ironwear Terminator-Suit™ as supplied is adjustable from 7 to 48 pounds, and includes 80 individual ½ pound patented soft Flex-Metal™ weights.

Ironwear Terminator-Suit™ has unique stretch pockets which can hold one or two weights securely on all sides. The pockets are uniformly distributed over the body and allow the patented soft Flex-Metal™ weights bend and flex with your every movement. The thin design can be worn comfortably on top or under your clothing or sweats.

Ironwear Terminator-Suit™ has 80 stretch pockets and with one weight in each pocket the system weighs 48 pounds. Additional weights can be purchase to take the system up to 97 pounds by putting two weights in the pockets. For example the Uni-Vest™ (long) has 38 pockets which can hold 76 weights for a total combined weight with the shell of approximately 40 pounds. The Uni-Pants™ has 18 pockets and can hold 36 weights for a maximum weight of approximately 20 pounds with the shell.

Ironwear Terminator-Suit™ gives you the ability to move weights back and forth between the different products to create the exact weight distribution you want. For example you can take 76 weights and load the Uni-Vest™ (long) to 40 pounds or you can lower it to 10 pounds and store the weights you do not need in the Uni-Pants.

Ironwear Terminator-Suit™ is adjustable to 85 pounds with the purchase of additional weights and adjustable up to 122 pounds with the purchase of a long Under Vest™. No other suit gives you the heavy weight carrying ability of the Ironwear Terminator-Suit™ Uni-Suit™ .

"A new workout routine is in the works now that I have some more wearable items. I'm excited about the results I should be getting with the ability to change weight in less than 30 seconds. I started with a very small amount of weight initially taking a good portion of the weights out of my first terminator suit order and slowly raising the amount of weight over many weeks. The half pound increments are much more useful to me than a 1 pound or 2 pound increment since well, to me at least, it's easy not to notice how much weight I'm wearing until I feel the effects of overtraining. Also, I imagine if one were to combine improper training technique with any weight suit that there would be serious problems later in life and given that risk it's nice to be able to advance more gradually. The smaller increments provide me with a better ability to monitor and control my advancement in training. Well, that and you ironwear folks made the weights FLEXIBLE and the suits actually STAY PUT! I would really like to see a smart fellow training for parkour with your gear.

Once again thank you, - Kevin Watts"