NEW - Black Ballistic Nylon, (short) Uni-Vest®, Soft Flex-Metal® Professional Weighted Vest, #1 POLICE/MILITARY VEST, adjustable from 1 to 28 lbs. supplied at 10 lbs (IV100) ★★★★★

NEW - Black Ballistic Nylon, (short) Uni-Vest®, Soft Flex-Metal® Professional Weighted Vest, #1 POLICE/MILITARY VEST, adjustable from 1 to 28 lbs. supplied at 10 lbs (IV100) ★★★★&#9733
Item# IV100
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-New Uni-Vest™ Short (IV100) is now adjustable from 2 to 28 pounds with the addition of 8 more weight pockets (the original design had 18 pockets and the new design has 26)

-New Uni-Vest™ Short (IV100) is now supplied with IRONWEAR®'s proprietary Double-lock™ size adjustment belts that lock on both the inside and outside. This unique belting system invented by Ironwear prevents the vest from shifting under the belts during running and jumping (IRONWEAR® created the Double-lock® system with side locks for our Speed-Vest™ for olympic sprinters), the Double-lock™ keeps the weights secure during the most vigorous of exercises.

-The New Uni-Vest™ Short is now produced only by IRONWEAR® in the USA. The New Uni-Vest™ is made by Ironwear in house in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. IRONWEAR® also sources its raw materials locally, including high purity iron. Pittsburgh is known around the world as the "Steel City." In addition IRONWEAR® makes its own proprietary polymers and produces all the Flex-Metal® weights in house to maintain the highest possible quality control our quality. IRONWEAR® also runs its own sewing factory and has all its laminates and woven fabrics made for Ironwear locally. Every New Uni-Vest™ Short shell is sewn and trimmed by hand one at a time by skilled Ironwear® workers.

Every New Uni-Vest™ (short) Professional Weighted Vest is adjustable with IRONWEAR®'s Soft Flex-Metal® Weights and is shipped directly from our factory in Pittsburgh.

The Uni-Vest™ (short) sleek patented compact design has been the world’s best and most popular weighted vest. Now the new short Uni-Vest™ is adjustable from 2 to 28 pounds. Individual ˝ pound Soft Flex-Metal® Weights fit into unique stretch pockets which hold the weight securely on all sides. The soft rubber weights can be evenly distributed over the vest and bend with your body as you move.

The New Uni-Vest™ (short) fits tighter and provides more comfort that any other vest. The Soft Flex-Metal® Weights conform to the shape of your body and become one with your body. In case of a fall the weights can act as padding to help protect you against the impact.

The New Uni-Vest™ (short) is in a league of its own. The proprietary oversized overlapping elastic strapping system holds the vest securely to almost any size torso while allowing for expansion and contraction of the chest for breathing during rigorous exercise.

The New Uni-Vest™ (short) has a heavy padded ballistic Nylon shell for maximum durability and soft fabric covered double stitched edges for comfort. The shoulder straps are strong and flexible to allow for a full range of motion.

The New Uni-Vest™ (short) is supplied at 10 pounds with 18 1/2-pound Flex-Metal® inserts, but is adjustable up to 28 pounds with the purchase of additional ˝ pound Flex-Metal® weights, sold separately. The individual weight pockets are supplied with one weight inserted into each pocket but will accept two 1/2-pound Flex-Metal® weights.

The New Uni-Vest™ (short) can be expanded up to 56 pounds with the purchase of a New Under Vest™ which adds additional pockets for more weights.

The Flex-Metal® weights are covered by our factory limited lifetime warranty. Unlike other vests which use cheap weights, our the weights are the most expensive part of the vest and are very durable.

The New Uni-Vest™ (short) vest shells are the most durable in the industry and are also cover by our factory lifetime warranty which covers materials design and workmanship. In the unlikely case that you wear out or damage your vest shell, we sell vest shell, we offer free shell repairs and if we cannot be repaired we offer special replacement deals for new shells to existing customers.

The New Uni-Vest™ (short) are they best value and best supported weighted vest in the industry.

Ironwear® challenges you to find a better weight vest.

Ironwear® has been supplying Flex-Metal® weight vests all over the world for two decades. Ironwear® continues to be the design and technology leader for weight vests.

The New Uni-Vest™ (short) with Flex-Metal® stays in place, lets you breath, lets you move, distributes the weight evenly, are thin, flexible, form fitting, most orthopedic shape, most durable, most comfortable and above all the safest vest line in existence.

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