Janis Saffell Brand New Butt & More DVD

Janis Saffell Brand New Butt & More DVD
Item# janis-saffell-brand-new-butt--more-dvd

You too can have finer firmer buns, thighs and sleek looking arms. Put yourself to the test with this potent full body toner. It's not only for your derriere but maximizes core strength, designed to strenghen and flatten your midsection, and provides 60 minutes of pure sweat for both your upper and lower body. This video is challenging with these unique standing and floor exercises. A workout with real results, real fast, not just fitness!

Program (Total workout- 60 mins.):

7 mins. Warm-up

30 mins. Standing Sculpt

18 mins. Floor Sculpt

5 mins. Stretch

Janis uses Ankle Irons:

Single piece AIO25 (2.5lb each)

Adjustable AIO50 (5lb each)

Iron Belt IB100 (10lb each)

Janis Saffell, brings over 20 years experience to the health and fitness industry as a classically trained ballet dancer, gymnast & coach, kickboxing/martial artist and is a National & World Aerobic Competitor. She presents new innovative kickbox/fitness programs and has attracted attention from around the world where she is continually invited to speak and perform. She has taught at some of America’s premier fitness clubs, including The Sports Club LA, Eden Roc Resort & Spa & CRUNCH Fitness, in Downtown Miami and popular South Beach.

Since 1995, Janis has been a famous face in the world of fitness videos. She has been featured in over 21 exercise videos, including the #1 rated video by leading fitness magazines. In 1997 Janis started working with Ironwear Hand Irons, Ankle weights, and Iron Belt. In 2000 Janis was chosen as a spokesperson for FILA KickPower International. This opportunity allowed Janis to travel to many different countries, making appearances on television, radio and print.

Saffell has been featured in and is a regular contributor to numerous fitness and beauty magazines including Shape, Fitness, Fit, Self, and Muscle Fitness & Hers. For 4 years Janis starred on ESPN’s popular exercise show, “Crunch Fitness”, QVC and featured guest on FITTV "Reebok Versa Training" w/ Petra Kolber.

Janis has used Ironwear products for 10 years she has incorporated them into her classes, dvds and television shows. To support her success Ironwear developed a signature line for Janis which she then sold many times on QVC, selling out on every show.

Her fitness certifications include American Council on Exercise (ACE), National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), American Fitness Association of America (AFAA), American Aerobic Association / International Sports Medicine Association (AAAI/ISMA), Pilates Certified by AAA/I, Johnny G Spinning, BOSU and FITTREK.

Click here to visit her website, www.janissaffell.com.