Joseph Schumert - El Cajon, CA

Joseph Schumert - El Cajon, CA
I have been using your 10lbs athletic training vest in all of my work outs. This vest is worlds above others that I have used. I am involved in a verity of fitness programs. I mainly teach at Core Self Defense in El Cajon. I have used your product everywhere from, training to teaching to just day to day activities. My favorite aspect of this vest is that it stays securely in place no matter what I am doing.

During the fitness and Krav Maga classes I take, the vest doesnít move a bit. These classes involve a lot of running, jumping, punching and kicking. I have noticed a vast improvement in both my speed and power while using your vest. The vest has also helped my endurance explode. I think it is excellent that I can do the same timed work outs now requiring more strength and stamina then if needed take the vest off and I can push myself for even longer!

While teaching it helps me to continue to work my muscles even more than normal. My students have also become motivated and love the fact that there is something that can help push them to an extra level during their training.

I am still shocked that this vest works so well while I do my gymnastics and extreme martial arts. It doesnít matter if I am working on something as simple as handstands, doing tumbling passes or extreme routines. The vest doesnít go anywhere and simply feels like it is a part of me so I am not thrown more to one side or another while in the air! I love that fact that I can go through a tough routine a few times making it more difficult to perform, then remove the vest and perform perfectly.

This is truly an excellent product, I even have some of my friends that donít train hooked on them!