Jr. Knuckle Irons™ Pair (right and left) 1/2lb each Open Palm Hand Weights ★★★★★(73)

 Jr. Knuckle Irons™ Pair (right and left) 1/2lb each Open Palm Hand Weights ★★★★★(73)
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★★★★★ "I had ordered your 1/4 pound handweights for a client of mine. She has Cerebal Palsy. I just wanted to tell you these weights work for her to write, to play with certain toys. They are so easy to put on and she just loves them. There are times she will wear them all day. She likes wearing them at school and the teachers love putting them on her. I also ordered a pair of your three pound weights and I will tell you I enjoy wearing them. Thank you for making such wonderful products for people. (Professional Therapist)

★★★★★" I was glad to find your website and see that I can continue to get your pediatric hand weights. I recently re-ordered some through a special needs catalogue only to be sent an inferior substitute. I'm now even more impressed with the excellent design and construction of your product. In my school-based practice I've used your small size with learners from our Early Childhood program all the way up to students in middle school. I've had success with children who have sensory issues and struggle with body awareness or grasp strength when working against resistance for functional manipulation such as zipping, grasping/pushing on a pencil. After one recent trial, a student significantly affected by autism actually reached to retrieve the weights as they were being removed. He loves them! After adding the hand weights he has gone from letting any item placed in his hands just fall to the floor, to maintaining grasp while being pulled on a scooter board, carrying his own picture schedule notebook, and pulling a wagon full of books to the library. A kindergarten girl with hand tremors wears the weights gladly for table top tasks and is so proud of her improved writing, cutting, and coloring projects. I appreciate that there are two weight options in your line. Alternating the use of the 1/4' and 1/2' sizes along with varying tasks and wearing times also seems to help maintain novelty and awareness while reducing habituation.

Thank you again for your attention to detail and quality!

(Professional Therapist)

Jr. Knuckle Irons™ Pair (right and left) 1/2 pound each Open Palm Hand Weights

Jr. Knuckle Irons™ are the ultimate hand weights for children. IRONWEAR ™’s patented design provides features unmatched by any other weight. The unique design does not interfere with the movement of the fingers and leaves the hand open to hold things. They are extremely comfortable and stay in place. The weights can be used for exercise as well has enhancing motor control.

Jr. Knuckle Irons™ is the original children’s hand weight. They were developed in 1997 by IRONWEAR ™’s designer Arnold Cook to help children develop their writing and hand control skills. They are a small version of IRONWEAR ™’s acclaimed adult Knuckle Irons™. Thousands of the Jr. Knuckle Irons™ are now helping children control and improve their movements. They have also proven to be very helpful for children who must deal with tremors.

Jr. Knuckle Irons™ have a single piece of IRONWEAR ™’s patented Flex-metal™ over the knuckles. The weight moves and flexes with the fingers. The weights does not sag, bulge, shake or spill out like weights made of sand or metal shot. The weights act like padding and do not bruise, chafe, or block your movements as do weights made of metal bars.

Jr. Knuckle Irons™ are held securely in place with two adjustable straps: one on the palm and one on the wrist. The unique adjustment straps system allows the weight to fit properly on any size hand. The thin padded open palm permits complete use of the hand and fingers, and allows a tight fist to be formed or the hand to hold objects without interference.

Jr. Knuckle Irons™ are fun to wear and they are also available in an adult size so that you can wear them too. Adult Knuckle Irons™ are great for training and are selected by those who need to make a tight fist or grab other items while training, including running, aerobics, boxing, karate, and kickboxing. Knuckle Irons™ do not put stress on the fingers or thumb. They leave the area between the fingers open so they do not affect the use of your fingers. Because of their open palm and finger design they are the preferred hand weight for training for sports that require complete use of the hands like golf, tennis, basketball, bowling, paint ball, juggling and hockey. No other hand weights measure up to IRONWEAR ™’s patented Knuckle Irons™.

Jr. Knuckle Irons™ Champion Series are covered by an abrasion resistant padded nylon fabric for maximum durability and are easy to wash.

Jr. Knuckle Irons™ are available in 1/4 or 1/2 pound individual right and left hand weights or as pairs.