Medical Research

Medical Research
Medical Research

IRONWEAR’s™ MISSION is to create superior products for the improvement of human health and performance. Ironwear™ is on the forefront of researching and inventing new ways to stimulate improvement in the health and performance for all ages from the young to the young at heart.

Ironwear™ has over 25 years of experience in the creation and development of high technology medical, industrial and commercial products. For over a decade Ironwear™ has been inventing the state of the art equipment for treating physical conditions. Ironwear’s™ founder created Flex-metal™ and the first soft wearable hand weight called Hand Irons™ to help his 90 year old grandmother recover from a stroke. Her physical therapist had given here steel dumbbells to help regain the strength on her left side. While exercising she had ripped the fragile skin on both her head and leg with the solid dumbbells and bruised her foot when she accidentally dropped one due to the weakness in her hand. He immediately began working on a solution using technology he had developed for the formation of ceramic composites for advanced electronic systems and converting that technology for the formation of a high-density flexible metal composites.

Ironwear™ was created and soon other new innovations followed, including the first children’s hand weights for treating writing problems with autistic children, then the first flexible weighted vest for adult weight loss and athletic performance, then the first weighted vest for children weighted vest for the treatment of sensory problems. Many other products followed and now Ironwear™ has released its latest creation; the Balance Bow™ for the treatment of vestibular disorders, and for the general improvement of balance. Many other inventions are now waiting to be released; all aimed at improving human health and performance.

Ironwear’s™products in addition to basic strength training and the improvement of athletic performance are now being used in the treatment of a wide variety of medical disorders and the applications are growing rapidly as Ironwear™ continues to release new products. Ironwear™ products are being used in the treatment of obesity, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), autism, attention deficient syndrome, and osteoporosis. Ironwear™ products are being used to help improve the lives of children from the age of two to adults in their nineties.

Ironwear™ products are designed to be safe, simple and durable and are the products of choice for the majority of medical researchers. Ironwear™ also works closely with researchers to provide or create the exact products needed, including evaluation samples and large medical study discounts.

Please contact Ironwear™ if you are a researcher in need of product support, we love challenges!!!

Ironwear™ products have been and are being used in medical research around the world and as this research is released we will add the links to our site. (If you are a researcher or have research that you think we should add to the site please contact us.)