NEWEST - Jr. Uni-Vest™ Youth Large Athlete's Weighted Vest Adjustable From 1 to 21 Pounds Supplied at 9 lbs (IV090) ★★★☆ (9)

NEWEST -  Jr. Uni-Vest™ Youth Large Athlete's Weighted Vest Adjustable From 1 to 21 Pounds Supplied at 9 lbs (IV090) ★★★☆ (9)
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The New Jr. Uni-Vest™ is designed to fit athletes from about 50 to 120+ pounds with waist sizes from 20 to 40+ inches, for average size young athletes from age 10 to 15+.

The New Jr. Uni-Vest™ is a small version of the super durable short Uni-Vest™ Professional Vest used by police, military, and sports teams for strength and endurance development. The shoulder spacing is narrower but it uses the same wide padding for weight distribution and comfort. The front is also narrower than the standard short Uni-Vest™, the New Jr. Uni-Vest™ has 8 front double weight pockets while the standard short Uni-Vest™ has 10 double weight pockets. The back is also narrower than the standard version, the Jr. Uni-Vest™ has 12 double weight pockets in the back while the standard short Uni-Vest™ has 14.

The New Jr. Uni-Vest™ (Youth Large) weighted athletic vest is adjustable from 1 to 21 pounds. The New Jr. Uni-Vest™ has 20 double size pockets which can hold one or two 1/2-pound IRONWEAR® Flex-Metal® weights each. The Jr. Uni-Vest™ is supplied at 9 pounds, which consists of the 1 pound shell and 16 weights (8 1/2-pound weights in the front pockets and 8 1/2-pound weights in the back pockets).

The New Jr. Uni-Vest™ can be loaded from 1 to 21 pounds. The shell by itself weighs 1 pound and by adding weights the Jr. Uni-Vest™ can be adjusted in 1/2 pound increments up to 21 pounds. 40 1/2-pound Flex-Metal® weights are required to load the vest to 21 pounds.

The New Jr. Uni-Vest™ is IRONWEAR®'s newest patented weighted vest, designed exclusively for the young athlete's body shape. The New Jr. Uni-Vest™ was developed to make wearing weights safer and more comfortable.

The New Jr. Uni-Vest™ has a unique design that contours to the shape of the young athlete's body, and bends with the athlete's every movement. The New Jr. Uni-Vest™ includes all the latest unique patented features.

The ultra thin Contour-Fit™ design conforms to the shape of the young athlete's back, front, and sides, while the soft Flex-Metal® weights bend easily as the athlete moves. By conforming to the shape of the athlete's body the weight does not shift while the athlete moves. Also the thin weights are held against the athlete's body, so they do not affect the athlete's balance because the weight is kept close to the athlete's core.

The New Jr. Uni-Vest™ is an extremely safe way for young athletes to wear additional weight. The whole Jr. Uni-Vest™ design revolves around comfort and safety for the young athlete and those around them. There are multiple layers of safety. The inside of the vest is a 2mm layer of padding between the young athlete and the weights. Also, the soft Flex-Metal® are the same basic consistency as the young athlete's skin. On the outside, there is another 10mm layer of padding. All of these soft padding layers help to protect the young athlete from injury if they fall or bump into sorting, and the system helps to protect anyone that the young athlete may bump into while exercising.

The New Jr. Uni-Vest™ is built like a tank for military combat training and will last for years of a young athlete's abuse. The outer surface is ballistic nylon laminated to foam padding for comfort, strength, and easy cleaning. The outer surface cane wiped clean easily and dries quickly. The whole vest can also be machine washed with the weights removed.

The New Jr. Uni-Vest™ is super easy to load to the desired amount of weight. IRONWEAR®'s Stretch-fit™ inner pockets have a simple slot that you easily slide one or two Flex-Metal® weights into. The pockets stretch to hold the weight(s) securely on all sides and keep them from shifting. The inner pocket design makes it impossible for the weights to come loose or get lost while the young athlete exercises. Because no hardware or velcro is used to hold the weights in place the vest is safer, longer lasting, and more comfortable.

The Jr. Uni-Vest™ will last a young athlete for years. The unique IRONWEAR® patented Double-lock™ belting system allows the vest to fit a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The oversized stretch belts lock on top and inside to keep the Jr. Uni-Vest™ from shifting during rigorous exercise while still expanding and contracting to allow the young athlete to breath properly. It is designed for young athletes around 50 pounds to adult athletes over 120 pounds. The Jr. Uni-Vest™ will fit many athletes over 120 pounds as well, but for some the neck opening and shoulder positioning may be too narrow. The Double-lock™ belting system adjusts from waist sizes of slightly less than 20 inches to over 40 inches. Because the vest adjusts from 1 to 21 pounds in 1/2-pound increments, it is capable of being loaded appropriately for use from early stage youth to the loads professional athletes use for olympic training. Even if the young athlete changes their sport they make always find an application for the Jr. Uni-Vest™ in their new endeavor.

The applications for the new Jr. Uni-Vest™ are endless for adding weight or resistance training for young athlete development. The New Jr. Uni-Vest™ is a great way of adding weight for mental comfort, physical therapy, balance training, or for hipline riding where riders do not weigh enough.

Please remember that wearing weights is a form of weight lifting and should be treated as such with the same basic rules. Please make sure you or your athlete are checked out by your doctor before starting any exercise program. Please use the weights under the supervision of a professional. Always start with a small amount of weight and increase slowly. When loading a vest try to balance the weight on the front and back of the body. Start in the center bottommost row and fill outward. Once the bottom row is filled move upward to the next row.

For resistance training for any activity in which young athletes need to jump higher, run faster, and perform longer, the Jr. Uni-Vest™ can help. Young basketball, volleyball, lacrosse, soccer, baseball, track and gymnastics athletes can all benefit from training with the Jr. Uni-Vest™, now and for years to come.