Shoe Irons™ Champion Series ★★★★★ (531)

Shoe Irons™ Champion Series ★★★★★ (531)
Item# SI153A

★★★★★ Shoe Irons are AWESOME!!

Shoe Irons™ Champion series Adjustable Shoe Weights

Shoe Irons™ is a revolutionary new patented exercise tool from IRONWEAR ™.

Shoe Irons™ use IRONWEAR ™ Flex-metal™ technology to produce the first truly useable foot weights.

Shoe Irons™ use soft flexible ½ pound Flex-metal™ weights that conform to the shape of the foot and are held securely in place by a proprietary strapping system.

Shoe Irons™ are more comfortable than ankle weights. The unique design produces weights that stay in place even during rigorous exercise. Unlike ankle weights, Shoe Irons™do not chafe, inhibit or interfere with your movement.

Shoe Irons™ position the weight further from the knee and hip so less weight is required for the same effect. For example a 1.5 pound Shoe Iron ™ is equivalent to a 2.5 to 5 pound ankle weight for many exercises.

Shoe Irons™ are great for stairs, lifts, walking, as well as jump and speed training. No other weight can be used for more exercises or do what this weight can.

Shoe Irons™ fit most adult shoe sizes from size 5/6 up to size 14/15. Simply loosen the strap and slide it over your shoe and tighten the oversized securing strap and you are ready to go.

Shoe Irons™ are adjustable in ½ pound increments from ½ to 3 pounds per foot and are supplied with 3 - 1/2 pounds weights (1.5 pounds) per foot. Additional weights may be purchased separately.

Shoe Irons™ are available with three different material coverings. The Champion series, Club series, and the Cool series were developed to match the style of other IRONWEAR™ products.

Shoe Irons™ (Champion series) are constructed of nylon fabric covered neoprene and are durable and soft. Available in black.