SQUEEZE & STRETCH SOLID™ (Soft)Hand, Arm & Body Stretch and Exerciser/Fidget

SQUEEZE & STRETCH SOLID™ (Soft)Hand, Arm & Body Stretch and Exerciser/Fidget
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Solid Soft

Hand, Arm & Body Stretch and Exerciser

SQUEEZE & STRETCH SOLID™ Soft is the unique hand, arm and body portable workout tool. This simple device puts hundreds of exercises in the palm of your hand.

SQUEEZE & STRETCH SOLID™ Soft patented IRONWEAR™ design provides a wide range of compression exercises. The elongated elliptical shape allows you to choose the amount of material you wish to compress from one to four inches. You would need a number of squeeze balls of different diameters to match the options provided by the SQUEEZE & STRETCH SOLID™.

SQUEEZE & STRETCH™ unique Thermal Properties allows you to pre heat or pre cool them easily and then use the devices to relax sore joints and muscles while working soothing heat or cold into the area. Multiple units let you alternate between different temperatures. For example put one in hot water and one in the icebox for a few minutes, then switch between hot and cold to work sore muscles and joints of your fingers, hand and neck. Soon you will find a hundred ways to use your SQUEEZE & STRETCH™.

SQUEEZE & STRETCH SOLID™ Soft Black Iron color provides a softer feel than the regular soft lime model with plugs and is thicker.

The ultimate fidget gift for hours of fun, exercise, and stress relief!