Steve Maxwell - San Franciso, Ca

Steve Maxwell - San Franciso, Ca
One of my favorite training techniques is body weight exercise and one of the best ways to make body weight exercise more effective is to wear a weight vest while doing the exercises. Over more than 35 years as a conditioning coach I've tried many brands of weight vests and the Ironwear vest is my absolute favorite. In my opinion, it's the best vest out there. Here are five reasons why the Ironwear vest is superior:

The way it hugs the body and neither slips nor flops around even when engaging in the most vigorous exercise The ease of putting it on and taking it back off The complete comfort of the vest; the soft weights are comfortable and don't hurt the body when working on the floor The mesh vest material is extremely breathable and doesn't build up excessive heat like other vests The vest, while easy to clean, is really tough and can take quite a beating!

Steve Maxwell

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