Teri Dale - Eagan, MN

Teri Dale - Eagan, MN
My name is Teri Dale and I am the owner of Bodyblast Studio in Eagan, MN. I have been using Ironwear Fitness Gloves for 10 years. I have been training women and helping them with their fitness goals for 13 years. I started using the Ironwear Fitness gloves when I started teaching aerobics. I love using them because it increases the intensity of the Cardio Kickboxing workouts and Zumba workouts. The power and strength you feel during a cardio kickboxing class when engaging in punching and other plyo moves are an empowering. Every time I wear them, I get members and clients asking me where I got them.

Now that I own my own gym, I will be ordering some for ANY of our members and all of my clients. Those that have these weighted ironwear fitness gloves already love the increased intensity of cardio workouts . They also love how comfortable they are as well as the easy way of keeping them clean. Wearing weighted gloves will turn any workout or cardio session into a high powered session. They also love how they look and it makes the workouts more challenging and fun. My clients notice after only 1 month of wearing them, their arms and shoulders develop more strength as well as definition. I am sure this is due to the resistance component added as well as the additional cardio output and calories burned due to the increased weight.

Teri Dale



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