UNDER-VEST™ liner upgrade for the Uni-Vest™ Long (supplied without weights)

UNDER-VEST™ liner upgrade for the Uni-Vest™ Long (supplied without weights)
Item# uv077

UNDER-VEST™ Weight Upgrade for the Uni-Vest™

UNDER-VEST™ patented new design from IRONWEAR® makes it possible to nearly double the weight of your existing Uni-Vest™. UNDER-VEST™ is a padded liner that fits under and connects to your Uni-Vest™ and has pockets for additional Flex-metal® weights.

UNDER-VEST™ is a great up grade for your Uni-Vest™ whether you want more padding or to carry more weight. UNDER-VEST™ gives you the flexibility to quickly set up your vest the way you want. Just like the Uni-Vest™ the UNDER-VEST™ is adjustable in ½ pound increments with the same soft Flex-metal® weights.

UNDER-VEST™ is available in both the long and short sizes and has been designed to be worn with the corresponding long and short Uni-Vest™.

UNDER-VEST™ (long) by itself can weigh up to 37 pounds and the system when combined with the long Uni-Vest™ has a maximum weight of 77 pounds.

UNDER-VEST™ system is safer and simpler to put on and take off than other heavily weighted vests. Put the weight on in layers, then connect the simple attachment flaps and you are ready to go. To take it off, remove the system as one vest or detach the flaps and remove it in layers.

UNDER-VEST™ (short and long) are supplied without weights. You can use the Flex-metal® weights you may already have or purchase just the amount of weights you need.