Uni-Suit™ (short) Professional Weighted Suit Adjustable from 1 to 40 lbs, Supplied at 20 lbs

Uni-Suit™ (short) Professional Weighted Suit Adjustable from 1 to 40 lbs, Supplied at 20 lbs
Item# US20

Uni-Suit™ (short) Professional Weighted Suit US-20 Adjustable from 1 to 40 lbs. Supplied at 20 lbs. (with 36-½ lb Soft Flex-Metal™ Weights)

Uni-Suit™ (short) is the world’s leading fitness, weight loss, and sport performance weighted suit and includes IRONWEAR’s™ Uni-Vest™ and Uni-Pants™

Uni-Suit™ (short) sleek patented compact design is the world’s best and most popular weighted suit. Uni-Suit™ from IRONWEAR ™ is the only weighted line to be endorsed by Reebok™and is used by more athletes and trainers around the world than any other weighted suit.

Uni-Suit™ (short) as supplied is adjustable from 1 to 20 pounds, and includes 36 individual ½ pound patented Soft Flex-Metal™ weights. The Uni-Vest™ and Uni-Pants™ each have 18 unique stretch pockets which can hold one or two weights securely on all sides. With one weight in each pocket the Uni-Vest™ and Uni-Pants™ each weigh approximately 10 pounds and with two weights in each pocket they each weigh approximately 20 pounds.

Uni-Suit™ (short) gives you the ability to move weights back and forth between the Uni-Vest™ and Uni-Pants™. For example you can take all 36 weights and load them into the Uni-Vest™ or Uni-Pants™ to take either to 20 pounds. Or you can lower the weight in either below 10 pounds and store the weights from one in the other.

Uni-Suit™ (short) is adjustable to 40 pounds with the purchase of additional weights and adjustable up to 64 pounds with the purchase of a short Under Vest™. No other suit gives you the expandability of the Uni-Suit™.

Uni-Suit™ (short) is designed to uniformly distribute the weight over the body and the patented soft Flex-Metal™ weights bend and flex with your every movement. The thin design can be worn comfortably on top or under your clothing or sweats.

Uni-Suit™ (short) has a wide shoulder and belt design with extra padding for added comfort and support for heavy loading. The soft Flex-Metal™ weights conform to your shape and become one with your body. This allows the suit to fit better with more comfort that any other suit.

Uni-Suit™ (short) is in a league of it’s own. The proprietary oversized overlapping elastic strapping system holds the suit securely to almost any size torso while allowing for expansion and contraction of the chest during heavy breathing and to almost any size legs while providing for the expansion and contraction of the thigh muscles during rigorous exercise.

Uni-Suit™ (short) fits securely on a wide range of body shapes and sizes from individuals weighing from under 100 to over 350 pounds.

Uni-Suit™ (short) open mid section design provides unhindered torso rotation and bending potential. The design also helps keep you cooler and is great for push-ups, sit-ups and other floor work.

Uni-Suit™(short) has a heavy padded ballistic Nylon shell for maximum durability and soft inner fabric system designed for comfort and the wicking of sweat. The edges and seams are all fabric covered for comfort and double stitched for added strength.

Uni-Suit™(short) is easy to maintain and can be washed by hand with the weights in or machine washed with the Velcro attached and the weights removed.

Uni-Suit™ (short) includes the Uni-Vest™ (short) IRONWEAR’s™ most popular weighted exercise vest. This vest has a large head opening and wide flexible padded shoulder straps for maximum support and mobility. The Uni-Vest™ (short) adjusts quickly and easily while in place to accommodate chest sizes below 26 to over 54 inches. The Uni-Vest™ (short) short design works well for almost any person from below 5 to over 7 feet tall. The Uni-Vest™ (short) can be loaded up to 20 pounds by itself or it can be expanded up to 44 pounds with the purchase of an Under Vest™ which lock to the inside of the Uni-Vest™ (short) and adds additional pockets for more weight inserts.

Uni-Suit™ (short) includes the Uni-Pants™ IRONWEAR’s™ revolutionary weighted chaps which fit easily and quickly over any type of pants. Uni-Pants™ patented belt system adjusts in the back to accommodate waist sizes from under 24 to over 54 inches. While the oversized thigh straps hold the weights securely on thighs from less than 16 to over 30 inches in circumference. Uni-Pants™ open design helps to keep you cool and allows for uninhibited movement of the legs. Uni-Pants™ have 9 pockets on each thigh which can be loaded with one or two weights for a maximum of 20 pounds. Suspenders and other accessories for resistance training are also available for the Uni-Pants™.

Uni-Suit™ (short) Flex-Metal™ weights are covered by our factory lifetime warranty. Unlike other suit which use cheap weights, our weights are the most expensive part of the suit and are very durable.

Uni-Suit™ (short) shells are the most durable in the industry and are also cover by our factory lifetime warranty. In the unlikely case that you wear out or damage your shell, we sell shells for about half the replacement price of a new suit.

Uni-Suit™ (short) is the best value in the industry.

IRONWEAR ™ challenges you to find a better weighted suit.