VR8 Vest Rack™ (short) Speed Vest™ Package, wheeled storage system for weighted gear & extra weights plus 8 short Speed Vests™

VR8 Vest Rack™ (short) Speed Vest™ Package, wheeled storage system for weighted gear & extra weights plus 8 short Speed Vests™
Item# VR8SV10

VR8 Vest Rack™ (short) Speed Vest™ Package wheeled storage system for weighted gear and extra weights plus 8 short Speed Vests™

VR8 Vest Rack™ (short) Speed Vest™ Package includes IRONWEAR’s™ new 8 position storage system and 8 short Speed Vests™, IRONWEAR’s™ latest performance athletic weighted vest designed for speed and sports training. Plus a heavy duty Vest Rack Cover™ to keep your vest protected.

Speed Vest™ (short) is IRONWEAR’s™ top of the line 1 to 10 pound adjustable weighted athletic vest designed for running, jumping and intense training. The unique thin flexible padded shoulder straps keep the SPEED-VEST™ from inhibiting your movement while the flexible design allows the vest to stay in place while still expanding to accommodate your breathing. The chest sizes can be easily adjusted from 24 to over a 54 inches. The SPEED-VEST™ has been awarded the “ TOP GEAR “ and is ideal for all types of training.

VR8 Vest Rack™ is IRONWEAR’s™ new patented storage system for your weighted vests, extra weights and other weighted gear. VR8 Vest Rack™ was invented for group training of police, firefighters, military, clubs, families and sports teams where multiple weighted vests are utilized.

VR8 Vest Rack Cover™ slides over the rack when needed and stores on the shelf inside the rack when it is not. The heavy-duty simulated leather cover helps to keep your weights clean and is water resistant.

VR8 Vest Rack™ has 8 support tubes designed to hold any combination of short or long Club Vests™, Speed Vests™ and/or Cool Vests™. The support tubes are spaced wide enough to hold single or double loaded weight vests from 1 to 80 pounds each. (VR8 Vest Rack™ will also hold the Uni-Vest™ short and long but the wider shoulders will extend out past the edge of the support tube.)

VR8 Vest Rack™ has a steel wire storage shelf with a raised edge to keep items from falling out. You can use the shelf to store all your extra Flex-Metal™ weight inserts or store your Shoe Irons™, Hand Irons™ and /or Ankle Irons™.

VR8 Vest Rack™ comes with heavy-duty wheels so you can move your weighted vests easily from place to place. After rolling the rack into position you can lock it in place with the wheel locks. Roll your vests easily from room to room, roll them to the practice field, and roll them into a corner or closet to store them.

VR8 Vest Rack™ has a heavy welded steel frame and comes fully assembled. It is ready to go out of the box. You can place it directly of the floor or screw on the heavy-duty wheels to make it mobile. (Wrench is included.)

VR8 Vest Rack™ makes life easier for everyone. Users tend to leave the vests piled up on the floor, creating an immovable mass. With the VR8 Vest Rack™ users can easily slide their vest on and off the rack. This helps to keep the vests and your floors clean.

VR8 Vest Rack™ makes it easy to check your inventory and helps to keep vests from disappearing. With a glance you and/or the users can see that all the vests are in place. The user can also quickly pick out the vest they want to use and with the storage shelf, they have somewhere to get or place extra weights.

VR8 Vest Rack™ open design allows air to flow on the inside and outside of the vests. This help to keep the vests fresh and ready to use.

VR8 Vest Rack™ is easier and safer to use. Weighted vests are too heavy for standard clothing hangers, coat hooks and closet rods. Also as the vest weight increases the vest becomes harder to put on a hanger and difficult to lift up high enough to hang on a coat hook or closet rod. VR8 Vest Rack™ makes hanging the weighted vests quick and easy. The low profile design minimizes the lifting required and slide over support tube eliminates the need for hangers completely.

VR8 Vest Rack™ supports the vests securely on three sides. Just attach the front vest straps and slide the vest over the support tube. Removing the vest is easy too. The VR8 Vest Rack™ is a must for all facilities with multiple vests