#1 Wrist Irons™ Champion Series 1lb each, 2lb pair

#1 Wrist Irons™ Champion Series 1lb each, 2lb pair
Item# WIO10

Wrist-Ankle Irons™ 1 pound each Wrist or Ankle Weight

Wrist-Ankle Irons™ consist of a single thin layer of IRONWEAR ™’s patented Flex-metal™ which wraps around the wrist or ankle. The ends of this patented weight are tapered to maintain uniform friction with no pressure points.

Wrist-Ankle Irons™ have an over sized neoprene strap which adjusts the weight to the desired tension on any size wrist or small to medium size ankle. The design creates a comfortable fit with no movement or rotation.

Wrist-Ankle Irons™ flex and move with you. They do not move around, sag or distort like weights filled with sand or metal shot.

Wrist-Ankle Irons™ are safer than other weights and act as padding in case of a fall. They will not damage or bruise you skin like weights made with metal bars.

Wrist-Ankle Irons™ are thin simple design and can be worn under sweat shirts or pants. They are easy to wash and should last for years.

Wrist-Ankle Irons™ Champion Series are encased in an abrasion resistant padded nylon fabric for maximum durability.

"Hi Arnie, Love the wrist weights- they are so soft! Thanks again for your help. Suzanne"