Women’s Vest™ ((WV21) Adjustable Height) Contoured 1 to 21 lb. Weighted Vest (WV21) Supplied at 21lbs ★★★★☆ (106)

 Women’s Vest™ ((WV21) Adjustable Height) Contoured 1 to 21 lb. Weighted Vest (WV21) Supplied at 21lbs ★★★★☆ (106)
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Women’s Vest™ (Adjustable Height) Contoured 1 to 21 lb. Weighted Vest Supplied at 21 pounds

Women’s Vest™ is IRONWEAR®’s new patented weighted vest designed exclusively for the female form. The Women’s Vest™ was created to make wearing a weighted vest more comfortable and effective for women.

Women’s Vest™ has a unique design that contours to the shape of a women’s body, does not apply downward pressure to the chest, expands to support a wide range of sizes, is height adjustable, supports abdominal and back muscles, and helps to improve posture.

Women’s Vest™ contours to the shape of your body and flexes with your every move. The Women’s Vest™ incorporates all the latest patented IRONWEAR® form fitting features. The ultra thin Contour-fit™ design conforms to the curves of your back, front and sides. The patented soft Flex-metal® weights bend easily to constantly match your form.

Women’s Vest™ does not apply downward pressure to your chest. With the Women’s Vest’s™ all the front weights are located below your chest near your abdominal muscles. The patented support structure leaves the chest area open so pressure is not applied to your chest by the weights or weight support structure.

Women’s Vest™ expands easily to accommodate a wide range of chest sizes and is ideal for women with larger chest sizes or for those concerned with downward pressure on their chest. Women’s Vest™ chest area is covered with a soft stretch fabric that gently conforms to a women’s form.

Women’s Vest™ is height adjustable so that the cup area can be positioned properly over your chest. The Women’s Vest™ includes two patented Double-lock™ padded shoulder straps, which allow you to adjust the Women’s Vest™ up and down easily. The Women’s Vest™ can be adjusted to fit women from below 5 feet to over 6 feet tall.

Women’s Vest™ helps to support your abdominal and back muscles. The Women’s Vest™ incorporates IRONWEAR®’s patented full waist support system. Two over-sized stretch belts lock the vest under your chest and hold the abdominal weights against your stomach muscles. The belts also hold the lower back weights against your back to support your lower back muscles.

Women’s Vest™ can be used to help you improve your posture by pulling your shoulders back while at the same time lifting and counter weighting your chest. Because a women’s body is heavier on the front than the back, over time the extra weight on the front causes her shoulders to rest forward. The Women’s Vest™ allows you to add more weight to the back of the vest to counter the weight in front, lift up your chest, and pull back your shoulders to help improve your posture.

Women’s Vest™ Contour-fit™ design is ultra thin and snug so that the vest will not interfere with the movement of the body. The adjustable padded shoulders provide maximum flexibility, support and comfort. The Contour-fit™system makes it possible for the arms to raise completely so that the vest can be used while playing basketball, volleyball and other sports without interference. The Women’s Vest’s™ thin design can also be worn easily under sweats and other clothing.

Women’s Vest™ includes IRONWEAR®’s patented Flex-metal® weights which are the safest, most comfortable and best fitting weights possible. The weights are thin and flexible and contour to the shape of the wearer. The weights act as padding in case of a fall. In addition the weights are interchangeable and can be use in a variety of other IRONWEAR® products.

Women’s Vest™ Double-lock™ belting system locks both the end of the belts and the edges of the vest to prevent vest movement during even the most rigorous exercises, while the oversized overlapping stretch belts holds the vest securely to almost any size torso (from under 24 inches to over 54 inches). The system holds the vest and weights firmly against the body while still allowing the vest to expand to accommodate breathing.

Women’s Vest™ is easy to clean. The outer surface is ballistic nylon laminate that provides padding, strength and easy cleaning. The inner surface is a soft knitted nylon laminate for comfort and durability. The outer surface can be wiped clean easily and dries quickly. The Women’s Vest™ can be hand washed with the weights inside or machine washed with the weights removed.

Women’s Vest’s™ Stretch-fit™ inner pockets hold the weights securely on all sides and keep them from shifting. The inner pocket design makes it impossible for the weights to come loose while you exercise. Because no hardware or Velcro is used to hold the weights in place, the vest is safer, longer lasting, thinner and more flexible.

Women’s Vest™ has 20 weight pockets into which one or two ½ pound soft Flex-metal® weights can be inserted. The vest comes with one weight per pocket and the vest shell itself weights approximately one pound. The vest can be adjusted from 1 to 21 pounds.

Women’s Vest™ is supplied at 11 pounds with a single layer of Flex-metal® weights, but can be adjusted from about 1 pound up to 21 pounds by removing or adding additional ½ pound Flex-metal® weights.